Being first to market isn’t easy, and being first a second time using your same product can be almost impossible – so props to Game Golf on their announced of the new Smart Grips in conjunction with Golf Pride.

The grip we were shown at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida this week is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet that has the butt end of the grip essentially “cut” out/molded for an embedded Game Golf RFID Tag IN the grip.


This provides two new noteworthy advantages:
1) No affect on swing weight (not that the tags ever created much effect – but haters gotta hate and that is a common “complaint” from end users with anything that attaches to the butt end of their golf club)
2) No more lost tags (this didn’t come from the official release information – BUT from our experience in testing, with enough play, you stand the chance of losing a tag or three)


According to the announcement this is “the world’s first all-in-one tech enabled grip” – and from the firsts looks it is really well done – a clean design on a grip worth considering.

The cherry on the cake? Re-Grip Notification – Yes, game golf will let you know when it’s time to change your grips. Also – the tags can be re-used when your grips wear out.