Ben Hogan Precision-Milled Putters – Key Takeaways

  • New Platinum Nickel finish now available on three models
  • BHB01 and BHB03 blades and BHM01 mallet getting the new look
  • Available starting today on Hogan’s website for $195

The Ben Hogan Precision-Milled Putters are getting a bit of a refresh today. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Hogan’s lineup is adding a second finish option.

“Serious golfers love the classic style and feel of our putters,” says Hogan CEO Scott White. “But the only negative feedback was they were only available in Diamond Black Metal.”

Well, as of today, that’s no longer the case.

Same Putters, New Finish

With the recent addition of the new BHM02 fang-toothed mallet, the Hogan Precision-Milled putter corral features five distinct models. As of today, three of those models will be available in a new Platinum Nickel finish, as well as the standard Diamond Black Metal.

Models available in the new finish include:

  • The BHB01 plumber’s neck blade
  • The BHB03 flowing neck blade
  • The BHM01 classic player’s mallet

The BHB01 features a 355-gram head and approximately 43 degrees of toe hang. The BHB03 head is the same weight but the putter has slightly more toe hang with approximately 50 degrees. The BHM01 mallet features a single-bend shaft with a 370-gram head and is face-balanced.

The BHB02 face-balanced blade is available in the Black Diamond Metal finish only. The new fang-toothed mallet, the BHM02, features a Black Diamond Metal face and a Platinum Nickel body.

The entire line of Ben Hogan Precision-Milled putters is available in right-handed only at this time.

Price and Availability

All eight models in the Hogan Precision-Milled Putter line are available now on the Hogan website. The putters are standard at 35 inches and a 70-degree lie angle. Since Hogan custom assembles all its clubs at its Forth Worth facility, length and lie alterations are no extra charge. The length can be adjusted up to an inch-and-a-half longer or shorter and the lie can be adjusted up to two degrees up or down.

Four SuperStroke grip options are available, again at no extra charge. They are the Taxion Flatso 1.0, Traxion MidSlim 2.0, Traxion Slim 3.0 and the Traxion Pistol GT 1.0.

Each Hogan putter sells for $195. They’re available on in North America and on in Europe.