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It’s Easier Then You Think

Do you want to become a long drive professional? Do you want to get paid to hit the long ball? Or just want to be able to outdrive your friends…don’t know where to start or just feel like you can’t compete because you just don’t hit the ball far enough?

Well…Jaacob Bowden from Swing Man Golf, is going to teach you how. Jaacob went from being a guy who was happy hitting only 250 yard drives to hitting 421 yard drives and becoming a Long-Drive Champion! Jaacob Bowden’s Golf Swing Speed Training programs and Long Driving Instructional videos have helped hundreds of people gain over “30 Yards in 30 Days!” This is no gimmick…he let the MYGOLFSPY guys try the program out and I have gained about 9 mph swing speed in only a few days! And I already competed in National Long Drive competitions before he should us this video…so it really does work.

So to get you started Jaacob is going give you this simple 6-Step Guide which will provide you with the basic roadmap to long driving success. And if you are interested in learning more check out his Swing-Speed Training Video and he is also giving away a FREE Article “The 3 Keys To Distance”.

Step 1: Any Age & Any Skill Level Can Do It

At some point or another, everyone makes their first golf swing. It doesn’t matter if you are a long drive champion like Jason Zuback or Sean Fister – everyone starts from square one. So for you to be able to make it, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to simply believe that it can be done and that you can be a long drive champion as well.

Step 2: Develop a Swing Where You Consistently Hit the Sweet Spot

Let’s face it, if you miss the sweet spot by as little as an inch you can lose 20 yards on your drive. More often than you might think, long drive events are won by only a few yards or even less, so every yard counts!

It doesn’t matter so much what swing method you use as long as you find one that works for you. What really counts is that out of 6 drives you need to at least be able to get at least few in the grid, and then absolutely smoke one of them. I’ve seen guys go into the first round and win it with a 400+ yard drive, and then go in to the next two rounds and get eliminated because they subsequently didn’t hit a single drive in the grid.

You have to not only be able to hit the ball in play round after round but you also need to make good contact a good percentage of the time.

Step 3: Training to Increase Your Swing Speed

Typical amateurs swing 70-95 mph, PGA Tour pros swing 105-125 mph, and Long Drive Pros swing 135-160 mph. So…to hit long distances, you simply must be able to swing fast but also be under control.

It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. It doesn’t even matter your current swing speed. You can increase your swing speed.

I personally took my maximum swing speed from 114 mph to 155! And went on to set a grid record with a 421-yard drive at a Local Qualifier in the Open Division for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. I also know of a senior aged fellow who increased his swing speed from 95-100 mph all the way up to 139 mph! He has since won a couple Qualifiers in the Super Senior division of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. If we can do it, you can too.

While golf fitness has taken off in the last few years, I still come across a lot of golfers who are in great condition but cannot hit the ball that far. Conversely, I also come across golfers who are not in the best of shape but they can absolutely kill the ball. So it’s more about finding good technique and training to swing fast and in a controlled manner than it is about being fit.

At this point, the best resource I know of for swing speed training is my Swing Man Golf Training Program. It’ll cost you $50 for an account, but it is well worth it if you want to quickly know what it’s like to smoke the ball while improving your fundamentals. There is also a Basic Program offered for those who don’t’ necessarily want to compete in long drive, but who just want to hit the ball farther.

Step 4: Get Fitted for Long Drive Equipment

Now that you will be swinging fast enough to compete in long drive events, you need special equipment to maximize your launch conditions. You simply cannot use a driver that is sold by one of the major OEMS like Nike, Callaway, Ping, etc. The high lofts that they make their drivers will launch the ball much too high and will put way too much backspin on the ball. Not to mention, it won’t be long before you crack or cave in the face of one of their drivers.

Most long drivers use 4-8 degree heads and shafts between 46-48″ long. Common driver heads that hold up to the swing speeds are SMT, Bang, Alpha, Cobra, etc, and common shafts that are long and stiff enough to use are UST, Penley, Accuflex, Harrison, etc.

As a general guideline, here are some numbers I go by for picking out the loft of a head that will maximize carry and roll.

  • Swing Speed 70-90 mph – loft that will get you a 16-18 degree launch angle and 3000-3800 rpm spin rate.
  • Swing Speed 90-110 mph – loft that will get you a 13-16 degree launch angle and 2300-3000 rpm spin rate.
  • Swing Speed 110-130 mph – loft that will get you a 10-13 degree launch angle and 1900-2300 rpm spin rate.
  • Swing Speed 130-150 mph – loft that will get you a 7.5-10 degree launch angle and 1500-1900 rpm spin rate.

Step 5: Find and Compete in a Long Drive Event

Unlike pursuing a regular golf career, you don’t need to have $30-$50K per year from personal savings, family and friends, or other sponsors to play one of the mini-tours full-time. The Long Drivers of America hosts the annual RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships and it only costs $40 per entry. The Local Qualifiers are held all over the world and you can enter as many times in one or more Districts as you are willing to pay for the $40 entry fee plus your travel costs for the day.

You get 6 balls and you wail away trying to hit each ball as far as possible in to a 40-50 yard wide grid. They measure your longest ball in the grid and depending on the amount of people who entered for the day, usually more than one person will advance.If you get through the Locals, you might have to travel a short distance to get to your District qualifier.

The fee is around $175 per District plus your travel costs for a day or two. Rather than just competing for a couple hours, you’ll go through an all-day double-elimination bracket. You will need to be in shape for this one, because you’ll need it at the end of the day when everyone else is wearing down. If you advance through a District, Congratulations! You are now in the World Championships in Mesquite, NV!

Unless you find a sponsor, you’ll be responsible for your travel costs for the week. To get to the TV rounds that are aired on ESPN, you’ll also have to advance through another couple days of double-elimination rounds, but if you do it’s an amazing thrill. There are signs, billboards, cameras, and thousands of fans in the stands.You can find qualifying locations in both the United States and Internationally at http://www.longdrivers.com.

Step 6: Six-Figure Incomes! (Well Maybe One-Day)

If you are one of the top guys in long drive, you can make 6-figures in a year or even 7-figures if you are good at marketing and promoting yourself. However, you can also get creative and travel around and do things like putting on long drive exhibitions, or hitting drives for people on par-5s at local golf tournaments.

Interested In Checking Out The Video? Hell..I know I Was.

Program Covers:

– Myths about Speed
– Defining Power
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– Isometrics
– Training Aids
– Practicing Swinging Fast
– Supplements
– Neuromuscular Reeducation (NMR)
– Mind Techniques
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* Jaacob’s 2006 26mph Program
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