Ahhh….the putter grip.

That chewed up, dry-rotted, fill-in-the-blank-with-whatever-nasty-adjective-you-like-most, thing in your bag.

Until recently nobody really paid much attention to their putter grip. Some golfers knew when they needed a new one, but that was basically it.

PingMan was the gold standard for what seemed like decades, and challengers were few and far between.

The point is, innovations weren’t happening every day in the grip world.  It wasn’t really until a grip by the name of SuperStroke hit the scene – and boy did it hit the scene…BIG (and FAST).

And SuperStroke’s sudden success, was pretty simple to explain: It worked.

Fast Forward to Grip Forward


That brings us to today. Actually two years ago. 

A couple years ago, the owner of a new golf grip patent reached out to see if I’d be interested in doing some consulting. I didn’t get involved at the time, and had all but forgotten about the two prototypes buried in a zip-lock bag in my office closet. That is, until I saw that the grip actually got released to the public.

The name was different, but it was the same grip.

And even though I originally declined to do consulting on the grip, I said the same thing two-years ago as I did the day I received the first production model;

“This might be the most natural feeling grip I have ever put in my hand.” 

It is the first grip I have ever used that literally seems to fill every nook, cranny, and crease of the human hand. It is an interesting experience. Give it to other golfers (you will be some of those golfers) and you see the clichéd bulb light up. Golfers know something is different but they can’t quite put their finger on it…even when their fingers are on it.

The difference in the grip can best be seen from the cut-away image below. Call it Grip Forward technology if that helps you remember. What that means is, inside the grip the material is pushed forward towards the hands instead of being centered on the shaft. The unique shape puts your hands in a more natural position and gives the feeling that the putter is an extension of your forearm. And since it fits so well in your hand you don’t feel the need to put almost any pressure on the grip.

All sounds great…right?

Well, just because someone invents something, and makes some claims, doesn’t mean that something actually works. An idea is only really good if it’s better than what came before it.

FowardGolf Claims

  • Natural Feel Improved: ✔
  • Reduction In Grip Pressure: ✔
  • Better Distance Control: WE WANT YOU TO PUT IT TO THE TEST

If your feedback is positive, if you tell us the ForwardGolf Grip works as advertised, we’ll put it to the test inside the MyGolfSpy Test Facility.