Jack Nicklaus (AGAIN) on Tuesday at the HSBC Golf Business Forum in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida said the reason golf courses are closing is because golf balls go too far.

Wait. What?

Here is what Nicklaus actually said, "Fact is, more golf courses have closed in the U.S. in each of the last 10 years than have opened.  This is thanks in great part to changes in the golf ball and the distance it travels."

HIS SOLUTION: create golf balls designed for each and every golf course.

Jack might not be aware of this (you would think he would be though), but Jack you actually make one of the longer balls in golf. The Nicklaus Black.  And not that is NOT the reason courses are closing.


These statements always baffle me. Don't get me wrong Jack is the greatest, but the fact our industry continues to look to these 3-5 famous "golfers" for the answer to the games problems when what they say makes almost no sense in terms of actually solving the problem, just makes well...no sense. They are not the answer to golf courses closing or the game shrinking.

Here is the funny thing about evolution: it never stops. Not even for Jack or Tiger. This game and every other game ever invented and our species will continue to evolve. If not...well, that is when it dies. Moving back to a more primitive version of ourselves or this game is what is called de-evolution and it is NOT the answer. The sooner they relaize this (they won't) the sooner our game moves in a more healthy direction. And there is your reason for why golf is dying. It is quite simple.  It has failed to evolve and if it continues it will end up extinct just like the dinosaur it is becoming.