By Jennifer Gardner
GPA Equipment Editor

Since breaking his Srixon W-506 gamer in late 2006, Furyk has tried to find another Srixon model that he adores. But despite technicians making dozens of drivers to his exact specifications, Furyk hasn't found the right one.

For much of last season and part of this year, Furyk's made peace with a TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad driver.

At the AT&T National, where he finished in a tie for third, Furyk decided to test a couple new drivers in competition. Early in the week, he put a new Titleist 909D3 driver into play after trying at least two variations in practice rounds and the pro-am. By Sunday, Furyk had turned to a new Adams driver prototype - the same model used by Adams Tour players Rory Sabbatini, Brad Bryant and Bernhard Langer.

Furyk Changes Drivers 4 times in 4 days!

  • Thursday - Titleist 909D3 with Fujikara Speeder 757
  • Friday - Adams 9015D with Fujikara Speeder 757
  • Saturday - Titleist 909D3 with UST V2
  • Sunday - Adams 9015D with UST V2

furyk fujikara

Jim Furyk Adams 9015D

Jim Furyk Swing

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