// KBS Launches New Website & Some Impressive Stats

KBS Shafts launched a new website this week.  Yes...I know...new website launches in the industry are rarely ground-breaking news for readers of MyGolfSpy.  Although, when you consider how many start-up companies have tried to make an impact on tour only to flounder, fail, and eventually disappear, it's nothing short of remarkable that a steel shaft company that most golfers had never heard of as recently as two years ago is not only one of the fastest growing brands in the industry, but is, seemingly overnight, a big-time player on the PGA Tour.  And this past week at the Masters was more proof of that.  That's because:

  • Phil Mickelson (3-Time Masters Champ) is now playing KBS Shafts
  • And...10 of Top 25 Career Money Earners are now gaming KBS Shafts in their sticks! (Pretty Impressive Stat)

How KBS has achieved so much so quickly (brand introduced just 4 years ago) isn't any real mystery. Sure, it helps that Director of R&D and Tour Operations, Kim Braly's years of industry experience have provided KBS with the often difficult to obtain access to Tour-level talent, but ultimately the biggest reason why KBS has come so far so quickly is that their steel shaft products offer unrivaled feel ("Smooth" is the word we often here), and superior performance.  Basically what we are saying is...If you haven't heard of KBS by now...you might want to be checking them out sometime soon.

// New Website Features

So back to the new website...and why it's relevant to MGS readers.  Like we said not only is KBS taking on the biggest name in one of the hardest markets in the industry to break in to...they're also thriving in it as well.  So whether or not your a golf gear head and knew about them 4 years ago or you're just hearing about them for the first time today...the new site launch offers an opportunity for all of you to get more familiar with the brand.  The new site offers much more than it did in the past about their technology and why it is catching on so quickly, new fitting resources and videos to explain why the brand is so unique.

  • New Online Fitting System
  • Much More Technical Info on KBS Shaft Technology
  • Behind The Scenes Manufacturing Videos
  • New & Improved Navigation
  • New Blog
  • Tour Info

// A Look At The New Website

// KBS Video - (All About Feel)