• L.A.B. Golf’s new MEZZ.1 MAX is 20-percent larger than the original MEZZ.1.
  • Customers can now choose custom options for both the L.A.B. MEZZ.1 and L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX putters.
  • Stock pricing is $469 for the L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX, with the custom version priced at $559.

Making a larger MEZZ

If you thought L.A.B. Golf was finished with large-profile putters, guess again. Today L.A.B. Golf released the new L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX, a 20-percent larger version of their best-selling MEZZ.1 putter. L.A.B. Golf reports that the new design was driven by customer feedback. Players liked the original MEZZ.1 design but wished it was a bit larger. Looks like L.A.B. has granted that wish.

This new incarnation of the MEZZ.1, the MEZZ.1 MAX, features the same aluminum and stainless steel construction as the original. The MEZZ.1 MAX also has PXG-level sole weights, whose number will double should you want to go with the armlock or broomstick version of the MEZZ.1 MAX. Remember, anchoring is still illegal, though. We’re watching you, Adam Scott, a long-time Cameron player who relatively recently ditched his Scotty for a MEZZ.1.

In addition to satisfying customers, the move to a larger profile should make the L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX even more stable than the original MEZZ.1. This is a significant achievement as most original MEZZ.1 players already comment about that putter’s stability.

Customize your L.A.B. MEZZ.1 or MEZZ.1 MAX

“Our benchmark for every putter we make is our DF 2.1. It’s the most technologically advanced putter in the world but we also know it looks crazy. When we launched MEZZ.1, our first putter that didn’t look crazy, it became our best seller overnight.
L.A.B. Golf CEO Sam Hahn

Did the looks of the L.A.B. Directed Force putter put you off? I was not a fan, either. The putter’s profile was so large that all I could think about was if the other 13 clubs could fit in the bag with it.

The MEZZ.1 did catch my eye, though. Maybe just for the fact that it looked more “normal” than the Directed Force. Assuming “normal” also means it looks like I could use it for a tomato stake in my garden. I’m kidding, of course. I don’t have a garden.

The new MEZZ.1 and L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX custom options have pushed me from thinking “that’s much better” to “how you doin’?” Bright color options and multiple alignment schemes have me intrigued. Obviously, it’s the performance that matter  but I’m admittedly shallow when it comes to my flatsticks. I need the “fancy” to be happy. With the custom options, L.A.B. is now ready to bring me all the fancy.

Naturally, there are play-influencing build options as well. You can order your MEZZ.1 or MEZZ.1 MAX with your needed lie, loft and length options. Weighting can be customized as well. L.A.B. does suggest that if you don’t know whether you need a heavier or lighter putter that you go with standard. Love that. What other company tells you to go with standard in the middle of a custom interface discussion?

What if I don’t know my specs?

If you are not sure of your specs, L.A.B. offers a remote fitting option as well.

That video above may have sealed the deal for me. Now I need to know what L.A.B. would build for me based upon video analysis. I know that I likely want it to be orange. I have the fancy part dialed in. If L.A.B. Golf can take care of the other build details, I’m more than intrigued.

You can also order your L.A.B. Golf putters with a variety of aftermarket shaft upgrades. The L.A.B. Golf website does a solid job of explaining what moving from a traditional to an upgraded shaft, like the BGT Stability Tour putter shaft, would do to feel and flex. I’m curious to see how the shaft options fit into the fitting story. Sounds like we have a We Tried It in the making.

MEZZ.1 is a hit with MGS staff and forum members

Tour pros are playing the MEZZ.1 and it is cool for L.A.B. to have that achievement unlocked. Honestly, I tend to ignore what Tour players play since my swing is far from Tour caliber. My interests are influenced more by the experiences of people I know. At least two of our MyGolfSpy staffers, Harry and Philip, are playing L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 putters. Think about how many putters move through MGS headquarters. These guys have touched lots of putters and they bag the MEZZ.1. That speaks to me.

The MEZZ.1 was also in the top five from five feet in the 2022 Most Wanted Mallet test. Another solid kudo for the MEZZ.1.

The MEZZ.1 is also currently being tested my some of our MGS forum members. Lots of positive comments being posted in the testing thread. If you don’t typically follow forum testing threads, check them out. It’s a great way to see first impressions and how clubs and golfers mesh or clash over the testing period.

Go MEZZ around with the Customizer

Head on over to L.A.B. Golf to see what kind of custom MEZZ.1 or MEZZ.1 MAX putter you can come up with. Did you go with a bold color? How about a fancy heart alignment scheme? Are you thinking a stock shaft or wanting to upgrade? You’ve got lots of options.

Find out more and build your custom MEZZ.1 or MEZZ.1 MAX at labgolf.com.

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