2009 mizuno irons

Optimal Vibrations…Huh?

You might be looking at these pictures of the new irons from Mizuno and thinking, “Ok they look great like usual…but whats the difference from last years irons?” Well Mizuno claims that the difference is in the feel, which surprises the MYGOLFSPY staff because we have always considered Mizuno’s to be some of the best feeling irons year in and year out. But…they claim they have found the optimal vibration that comes from a purely stuck golf ball which separates this lineup from all the other irons on the market and from previous Mizuno models.

David Llewellyn R&D Manager for Mizuno USA led the project, “While feel is very much subjective, we were able to find vibration patterns through our ‘Frequency Analysis’ that best communicated feedback to our research panel. Not just the tone, but also the length and curve of sound were key to hitting the most satisfying feedback”.

Mizuno’s research pinpointed ‘vibration’ as one of the key human criteria for evaluating feel. Using a system of ‘Frequency Analysis’ Mizuno’s engineers established a pattern of vibrations that best communicated a pure strike and set to enhance them within iron heads for different types of player – the MP-62, MP-52, MX-200 and MX-100.

Intoducing The Letter….”Y”

Mizuno says their irons aren’t good enough (could have fooled us)…so on their quest for the “perfect” feeling irons it seems like they have found that the letter “Y” actually answers all the remaining issues they say they do have.

David Llewellyn R&D says, “Y-Tune takes a large sweet area and makes it more effective by extending it toe-wards, exactly where most amateurs make the majority of their miss-hits. On testing we found the MX-25 to have a 25% tighter dispersion on 1″ toe shots – we normally only measure to ½”. It was 5 yards longer on center strikes than its predecessor and 9 yards on those 1″ toe strikes”.

Cast Irons No Longer Needed

The debate over (Cast vs. Forged) in golf has been tossed around about as much as (Ford vs. Chevy) in the Budweiser crazed world of Nascar. Most agreeing that Forged does feel better, but Cast irons have had their place as well. They not only kept prices down but they also were much easier to produce forgiving irons. Simply because of the difficulty that arises from forging complex shapes. But this might not be true any longer. Or at least Mizuno doesn’t think so.

“When forged irons are this playable, there aren’t too many reasons why a low or mid handicap golfer would still need to use a cast iron”.

mizuno mx 100 irons
Mizuno MX-100 Irons

mizuno mx 200 irons
Mizuno MX-200 Irons

mizuno mx hifli
Mizuno MX Fli-Hi