We think we've got something pretty special today. It's not every day that a golf company executive gives you a completely unfiltered and honest assessment of his company and where they fit in the industry today. When we spoke with Sean Toulon, Executive VP of TaylorMade-adidas golf, that's exactly what happened.  The interview features some great soundbites for you TaylorMade fans...and you other guys too.

TaylorMade-adidas Golf is sometimes compared to the New York Yankees (before Mariano fell down, Jeter broke his foot, and A-Rod became A-Roid) because, well...if it's your team on top you love the team on top. But if it's not your team on top...well...screw those guys. It's also probably not a stretch to compare what happens when they dial-up the new product hype machine to a Justin Bieber concert.

For TaylorMade fans it's almost music, and it's definitely an experience - another round of awesome gear from the #1 Performance Brand in Golf.

For detractors, claims of 17 yards...and then 10 more amount to insufferable, detestable noise. Dear God, make it stop.

100% headache guaranteed.

Whether you love them (fanboy), despise them (hater), or are one of the few who can legitimately claim indifference (comatose), it's hard to make a rational argument that anyone else in the industry can waggle the proverbial needle quite like TaylorMade. These guys get people talking, which is exactly why I wanted to talk to them.

At the recent PGA Show I tracked down Sean Toulon, Executive VP of TaylorMade-adidas Golf. Don't let the suit fool you. This Toulon guy isn't afraid to go off-script.

What I got was nearly 10 minutes of what, by golf industry or golf executive standards anyway, amounts to Must See TV.  Here's just a sampling of some of the things Mr. Toulon shared with me:

Just A Few Of The Things You Will Hear In The Video


Watch the video (the whole damn thing) to learn more about TaylorMade as company, because even if you think you know everything about TaylorMade Golf, you're probably going to learn something. And if you're one of those guys who hates absolutely everything TaylorMade does, you might just come away from this feeling differently.