Press Release: For Immediate Release

1 April 2010

CARLSBAD, California (April 1, 2010) – MyGolfSpy, the web’s #1 Golf Blog site, today announced that it has been acquired by ESPN.

The acquisition is part of ESPN’s growing blogger presence and a prelude to ESPN’s new professional blogging applications – MyGolfSpy.

“The online social media world is ever changing and blogging continues to grow in popularity…and this popularity is growing not only for personal use but also for businesses around the globe.  Blogging has grown up.  “The new blogging suite, MyGolfSpy, will put information in golfers hands much sooner then with other publications for ESPN viewers. And provide an array of tools that is on the cutting edge of technology.” said a ESPN representative today.

“We could not think of a better golf blog brand to align ourselves with other then MyGolfSpy, a golf blog that continues to produce the most unique and original golf content for golfers around the world.”

“I have always tried to fill the niches that were not being met by the industry, with the obvious and simple solutions.  It is often the simplest solution that is overlooked when trying to fill the consumers needs.  And this acquisition by one of if not the most influential sports related companies will allow us to take MyGolfSpy to the next level.  I think golfers will be very excited to see what we have come up with next!” said founder of MyGolfSpy.

GolfSpy X will remain a part of MyGolfSpy over the next 2 years, continuing what he started, a career dedicated to giving the golf consumer what they really want, the truth.

About MyGolfSpy

MyGolfSpy is a golf blog which was founded in 2008, and has grown by incredible numbers in the two years it has been online. With over 3 million visitors to the site it makes it the most popular golf blog on the web.