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First Annual “MyGolfSpy Awards”

Today MyGolfSpy introduces the “1st Annual MyGolfSpy PGA Show Awards”! We awarded the golf companies who attended the PGA Show that we felt created the most “Innovative” and “Envelope Pushing” golf products on the market!


We awarded companies in the following categories:

  • Most Innovative – New Product
  • Most Innovative – New Driver
  • Most Innovative – New Iron
  • Most Innovative – New Hybrid
  • Most Innovative – New Putter
  • Most Innovative – New Wedge

1st Place –

You will now be able to bring your family room & office to the course! With you will now be able watch the big game while you play…email your friends about your hole in one…get work done while waiting for the slow group in front of you…order lunch before the turn…and of yeah it won’t cost your course hardly anything…because they re-coupe their cost for the cart with advertising on the screen…So watch out Club Car and Yamaha!

So go tell your local course to get the today! It was only a matter of time before the computer and the golf cart were meshed into one.

Honorable Mention – Stracka Line


Anyone who has ever played Tiger Woods on PlayStation or XBox wishes that the putting was that easy. It actually tells you where to aim in order to make the putt. We all would love for a guide on the course to tell us to aim 2 ft. to the left and 8 in. past the hole when we were reading a putt.

Well you might be able to soon…if has anything to do with it. They give read outs that will most likely make it on tour very soon. It gives the golfer an exact reading of the breaks on the green…and it is all done by computer…so no human error is involved!

Honorable Mention – The BIG Putt

the big putt

There are hundreds of crazy contraptions that promise to improve our putting…problem is…most of them don’t work! This one does….it’s simple…putt with this thing for a while and then putting with a regular ball is like putting the ball into the “Hungry Hippo” mouth…ho many of you remember that game? TheBIGPutt is helping pros so I am sure it can help you and me.

1st Place – (Tie) Taylormade R9 & Nike Dymo2

taylormade r9

Hey we are all about David vs. Goliath here at MyGolfSpy we love long odds on golf betting…but there just isn’t that much new technology out there in regards to drivers of late. We have drivers that we felt had a better feel and better overall stats…but none of those were that technologically advanced. So there really is not a way that we could not give the award for “Most Innovative Driver” to the Taylormade R9 & Nike Dymo Str8-Fit for their adjustable drivers. Even though we feel like the technology they are using has already been done and the weights TM uses does little to nothing in relation to moving the CG (center of Gravity) of the driver. But…they are pushing the envelope…so the award is theirs.

Honorable Mention – Callaway FT-iQ


Don’t know if you remember Callaway’s first attempt at a carbon fiber driver or not…it was called the Callaway C4…and it was a major dud! The sound it made even sounded like…dud. But even then I gave them props for pushing the technology barrier. Well fast forward to 2009…they have stuck with similar technology but have improved it dramatically! Their new driver the Callaway FT-iQ Driver is a superb carbon fiber weapon for the average golfer.

Honorable Mention – Adams Tech A4 (Formerly 9015D)

adams a4 driver

This is the MyGolfSpy Favorite! It might not look like there is not a whole lot of technology going on under this hood. And really there isn’t if you are looking for bells and whistles…BUT…if you are looking for a driver that performs…THIS IS IT! The only reason the Adams Tech A4 didn’t get first was because you guys might think we were crazy for picking a driver that didn’t have pointless adjustable weights or adjustable shafts that 99.7% of golfers will never change…because the shafts you need to change them with run about a gazillion dollars.

1st Place – Mizuno MP-52

mizuno mp52

You might not hear much hoopla going on about Mizuno irons…but they don’t care. They might be the only golf company that has built its entire following because of the quality of their clubs. Year after year Mizuno makes THE best iron…period. You might not see them ranked there in the (biased) golf magazines but thats because they don’t pay them to have them ranked. But if they did you would find them in the #1 spot every year! And this years MP-52 is no different.

Honorable Mention – Ping S57

ping s57

Where Ping’s S59 and S58 lacked the S57 fill the gaps. The S59 was Pings attempt to make a true player’s iron, but in my opinion they fell short. The new Ping S57 takes care of that!

Honorable Mention – (TIE) Callaway X-Forged & Fourteen TC 1000 Forged

fourteen tc1000

You might have never heard of Fourteen Golf…but that will soon change. The company has already made a name for itself in Japan and now has its eyes set on the US. They make classic styled great feeling irons and their wedges aren’t too shabby either. Be on the look out for Fourteen Golf in 2009!

We had to give Callaway’s X-Forged iron a piece of the prize as well. They have always made a great hacker club…but honestly they have never been known for their forged irons. But after this year there might be more lower and mid handicaps switching to a Callaway X-Forged

1st Place – Adams Tech a4

adams a4 hybrid

Adams Golf did it again! Honestly they built themselves around specialty clubs like the Tight Lies™ and in the last few years they have owned the hybrid market. The Adams Tech A4 is a combo of all their years of knowledge wrapped into one.

Honorable Mention – Nickent 5DX

nickent 5dx

Similar to Adams…Nickent has made a name for themselves with the trusty hybrid. And with the new Nickent 5DX getting it’s inspiration from the auto industry…they can only hope to have a better year then the auto-makers. If it is going to happen we feel like the 5DX hybrid might carry them through. The “King of Hybrids”™ has done it again

Honorable Mention – Taylormade Rescue

taylormade rescue 2009

Similar to their new R9 driver the hybrid will allow for adjustability…but like we said 99.7% of golfers never use it. We think the technology is a great idea…but we will have to wait 6 months or so to see if the golfer actually puts it to use…but kudos for giving golfers a chance Taylormade!

1st Place – Axis 1 Putter

axis 1 putter

Back in December of 2008 the MyGolfSpy crew predicted the Axis 1 Putter would be the “Most Innovative Putter for 2009!” And guess what…Sports Illustrated agreed with us…because both of us voted them as the winner at the 2009 PGA Show. Now do we think this putter will be the one that sells millions….no…but the technology will start to change the way putter designers look at the old flatstick!

Honorable Mention – Machine Putters

machine putters

If you like to tinker with your golf gear then run out…hurry up…go get a Machine putter from DogLegRight! This is the ultimate tinkerers dream. And not only that …the quality is top-notch. If you ever wanted to be able to change from a blade to a mallet in a matter of seconds this is your ticket. Great job Dave!

Honorable Mention – Sizemore Putters

sizemore putters

By far the prettiest putter we saw at the show was a Sizemore putter…we would have loved to buy it for the office but at $10,000 it was a little too steep for our collection. But we will be adding one of their standard line to the bag of putters. Great stuff fellas!

1st Place – Scratch Wedges

scratch wedge

Vokey…Cleveland…Scratch? Yes Scratch is #1 for 2009! If you are looking for the ultimate in wedges look no further then Scratch Golf. They have taken the wedges to a whole new level of personalization and customization. 2009 will be a big year for Scratch Golf just watch.

Honorable Mention – Titleist TVD Wedges

titleist tvd

A close second to Scratch was the Titleist TVD wedge…this one is a beauty! There might not be a better looking wedge then this piece of wedge art. Vokey and Titleist had the right idea when they launched this custom tour’esque type wedge. But we feel the Scratch guys have a leg up on them when it come to a true custom wedge fitting experience. Although for a big name they have done a pretty good good at allowing the average golfer a customized wedge…well that’s if you can afford one.

Honorable Mention – Vega Tour Cut Wedges

vega tour cut

These are nasty…in a good way! Japanese forged wedges are regarded by many as the best you can buy. And now you will be able to get one in the US! The appearance of their wedges stunning…Feel crisp and buttery…control radar-like! A great way to enter the US market. Can’t wait to get ours…wink wink Vega 😉

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