If you’re a dedicated MyGolfSpy follower, you know we regularly ask for your help in testing and reviewing golf products.

Why? Because #PowerToThePlayer isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a mission. Everyone knows what the OEM’s think, and you know what we discover during testing too. But ultimately it’s what you think that determines whether or not a new piece of equipment goes into your bag. That's why we often ask a collective you to test stuff and give us your honest assessment: Does the performance match the hype?

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you know how impressed we are with Evnroll Putters. In head-to-head testing against MyGolfSpy’s 2016 Most Wanted Blade and Mallet putters, all four of the Evnroll models tested scored better than our own Most Wanted winners.

If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best, and that’s precisely what Evnroll did.

That was our assessment. But what about what other golfers? Last November we asked for your help to complete the picture. We wanted real golfers in the real world to check our work: Does Evnroll's groove technology improve your putting?

Six of you took up that challenge, and we want to share their findings with you today.

Evnroll 3

Meet The Testers

Six members of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum were chosen. We’ll use their Forum screen names here:

  • Fozcycle: 65-year-old recent retiree from Florida; 17 hcp; gamed PING Ketsch/Scotty Cameron Kombi; tested Evnroll ER6
  • RevKev: 60-year-old Pastor from Florida; 3.7 hcp; gamed Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy for past ten years; tested ER5
  • Hula_Rock: 46 from Texas; 5 hcp; gamed Tee McCabe TPA XVIII Tour Prototype; tested ER5
  • BGoergen: 34, South Dakota; 3 hcp; gamed Rife Legend Z; tested ER2
  • jlukes: 32, New Jersey; 5 hcp; gamed PING Anser/Odyssey #9; tested ER 2
  • Carolina Golfer 2: 57, Washington DC; 17 hcp; gamed Scotty X7M, tested ER5

Each tester personally spoke with Evnroll inventor Guerin Rife over the phone to ensure the best possible putter fit. Testers were then provided with a review template by MyGolfSpy to ensure a fair, honest and complete evaluation.

Here, in their words, are their stories.

First Impressions:

“The Evnroll ER6 (is) gorgeous...the shade of red definitely makes it show against the green grass. The white lines are the width of a golf ball, allowing one to use them easily when lining up a putt.”Fozcycle

“The ER5 has a more compact head than the VooDoo Daddy. It does also have a very different sound and feel. While some would find it disturbing, to me the sound is very much like the old PING Eye 2. What’s interesting is sometimes you get the ping, sometimes you don’t.”RevKev

“One word to describe my first impression? ‘ClassicModernSexyQualitySleekAmazingSolid.’ ”Hula_Rock

Evnroll 4

“It looks so clean and classy, nothing distracting, alignment aids are the perfect size and color. The head sets up nice and square.” - BGoergen

“The weighting of the putter felt spot on, as it seemed to almost swing itself, especially on shorter putts. The additional weight also forced me to activate the larger muscles in my arms rather than the smaller twitch muscles – that led to less wrist-breaking through my stroke, and a more consistent stroke overall.”jlukes

“It’s smaller than the X7M head, and that was slightly bothersome at the beginning, although I’m becoming more comfortable with it. I do slightly favor the look and the way the X7M frames the ball at address for me.”Carolina Golfer 2


“I noticed the roll was smooth on most putts, especially those over 8 feet.”Fozcycle

“The putter has performed like a champ. My regular playing companions have been extremely impressed by my ability to avoid three-putts since this putter has been in my bag. Performace grade is a straight A!”RevKev

“I have never, ever, ever bagged a brand new putter and adjusted to it just like that. It was the first time I put a new putter into play and had sub-30 putts per round.”Hula_Rock

Evnroll 2

“The technology present in the grooves produces such a true roll that the confidence you have standing over the ball completely changes your outlook on putting...I can’t tell you how many of the missed putts with the Evnroll were lip-outs. Every putt I hit had at least a shadow over the hole.”BGoergen

Value & Likelihood of Purchase:

“The purchase price of $359.00 is a bit steep for my pocket, but I would gather it somehow, as this is the best putter I have ever rolled.”Fozcycle

“When we closed our phone conversation Mr. Rife said he was hoping I would give his putter my blessing, a clear nod to my profession. I most certainly do!”RevKev

“Putts I thought were going to be way short ended up closer to the hole. Likelihood of purchase? 100% YES!”Hula_Rock

"I really didn’t think a putter could do anything for you. I thought a putter was all about what you like the feel of and the look of, and the rest was in your ability to make a good stroke and read greens. Boy was I wrong.”BGoergen

“In terms of performance, the putter exceeded my expectations in terms of how the technology delivered, but the weighting may not be for everyone…The ER2 will be staying in the bag for 2017 as I don’t see any reason to bag anything else.”jlukes

Evnroll 5

Overall Ratings & Final Thoughts

Our testers rated the Evnroll on three criteria: Performance (60 points), Looks and Feel (25 points) and Likelihood of Purchase (15 points). The ultimate question was simple; does the Evnroll make you a better putter?

They were told to be tough graders. A very good, solid putter should be graded accordingly with 75 out of a possible 100, while one that is exceptional should score around 85. Scores of 90 or above are reserved for only for products that truly stand out in all three categories.

With that said, our testers rated the EvnRoll just a touch below a 93. The lowest score given was a 90, the highest a 96.

Broken down by category, our testers gave the Evnroll, on average, a remarkable 57 out of a possible 60 points for Performance and 23 out of 25 for Look and Feel. For Likelihood of Purchase, the Evnroll – which sells for over $300.00 – scored a 12.7 out of a possible 15.

These tests aren’t nearly as statistically sound as those done at the MyGolfSpy Test Center, but they're a great supplement to what we do in-house because they come from golfers just like you. No one review, blog or article can offer a definitive guarantee that a given product will work for you, but when you combine our work, the work of our Community Members and the work of other reviewers, you should be able to weed through the hype and determine for yourself if a product is a candidate for your dollars and your bag.

We encourage you to read the entire series of reviews for yourself on the MyGolfSpy Forum.