Late last year we announced that we’d partnered with Golf Mechanix and named them the official tool and gauge supplier for MyGolfSpy.

For those who might not be familiar with Golf Mechanix, it is the industry’s leading producer of golf tools and gauges. Golf Mechanix supplies OEMs, clubmakers, consumers, and of course, MyGolfSpy. Among other things, Golf Mechanix has provided MyGolfSpy bending machines, Lie/Loft gauges, Shaft Profilers, Swing Weight Scales and a new CG/MOI machine. These are tools that help us gather another layer of information from the clubs we test.


In the coming weeks we’ll begin to share some of the Golf Mechanix powered data we gathered during our recent driver test. Similar information will be shared for subsequent tests; giving you additional insight into the clubs on the rack at your local golf shop.

It goes without saying that we hope you’ll find the additional information useful, and that’s great, but we also want you to know that, for those who want to take advantage of it, MyGolfSpy’s partnership with GolfMechanix offers something of direct benefit to you as well.


Save 15% Sitewide

From time to time GolfMechanix will offer exclusive discounts on clubmaking/repair tools to MyGolfSpy readers. This first one is particularly exciting. MyGolfSpy readers save 15%, sitewide through June 30, 2017. No restrictions or exclusions.

Just use code: Spy2017 at checkout (note: the code is case sensitive).

For technical reasons; you must create an account before you can redeem the code at checkout.

Just to be clear, this offer is good for all MyGolfSpy readers. That includes professionals looking to upgrade to the latest technology, current hobbyists who have been looking for the right time to buy their next tool (or their first big tool), and beginners in waiting who’ve been thinking about getting started doing it yourself.

It’s that last group I want to speak to directly.

The truth is that the time I spend in my workshop is some of the most enjoyable and most rewarding aspects of my job. I love that sometimes I have to build clubs for work. Whether it’s prepping product for testing, or taking something I’ve torn apart and rebuilt again out to the golf course, playing with clubs I’ve worked on myself is immensely satisfying.


To give you a sense of the type of work I do, within the last few weeks I’ve rebuilt my variable length iron set with Project X LZ shafts, gripped them with GolfPride MCC Plus 4 ALIGN grips, and bent them back to spec. I put a new shaft in my club’s assistant pro’s Titleist driver and prepped Matrix MFSF Series shafts for testing. The important thing is that I loved every minute of the work.

What I’d really like to see happen is for some of you who have thought about getting into clubmaking will take advantage of this opportunity to get started. There’s no right tool (or tools) to get you started. Think about what you wish you could to do yourself, and then get what you need to make it happen.

If you love trying new shafts and swapping them between clubs, think about a Shaft Extractor and the Extraction Bolt Kit.

If you want to regrip your clubs (and all of your friends’ too), a Gripping Station or a shaft clamp might be a good place to start.

Whether you want a single tool, or want to save even more and buy one of Golf Mechanix’s pre-bundled Tool Kits, they can help get you started.

Start small, start big, or start somewhere in-between…just start. Take the leap, start building YOUR golf workshop, start getting your hands dirty, start doing more of your club work, and start enjoying the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

I’m guessing you’ll love it every bit as much as I do.


Questions? We’re Here to Help

If you’ve got any questions about how to get started, use the comment section below, or reach out to the team at Golf Mechanix, their incredibly knowledgeable staff is more than happy to help find you the right tools for your needs.

If there’s something specific you’d like to see in future Golf Mechanix offers, please let us know.