We’ve told you about Shot Scope’ new V2.

It’s our opinion that the Shot Scope V2 is one of the best golf analytics packages for average golfers.

“It’s the easiest shot collection data device there is, all you have to do is go play golf.” – John Barba

Today, and for 72-hours only we are offering the absolute best offer online exclusively to MyGolfSpy readers. For a limited time, you can get Shot Scope’s advanced analytics for $50 off the standard retail price. Let me save you some time on the math; with this exclusive MyGolfSpy offer, you can get Shot Scope V2 for $139. That’s borderline ridiculous.


Shot Scope offers over 100 Tour-Level statistics, a dynamic GPS that gives you the distance to the front, back, and middle of the green as well as hazards. There’s no tagging, no need for anything in your pocket, and there are no annual fees either.

This offer won’t last long – seriously; it’s like Kaiser Soze in the final scene of Usual Suspects.  If you’ve been on the fence about giving shot tracking and full game analytics a try, here’s your excuse to go for it.

MyGolfSpy’s job is to help you put the best clubs and gear that help lower your scores. We don’t care about names, we only care about the stuff that actually works, and this works.

While you’re at it, snag a copy of Shot Scope’s FREE E-Book, “The Ultimate Golfer’s Guide.”

The guide looks at the findings from Shot Scope’s performance tracking data platform and recommends how to improve in 4 key chapters: Tee Shots, Approaches, Short Game and Putting. The guide provides answers to your most common questions about golf data and strategy.


  • On a tight, par-4 should you hit 3-wood or driver?
  • How many hybrids should be in your bag?
  • Is it better to use one wedge around the green or several different clubs?
  • Does my new putter perform better than my old one?

Like any resource, it’s meant to be a place for you to explore the information, take what applies, and start to leverage the world of big data. You might even pass along a nugget or two to the guys or gals in your regular foursome, but it’s probably best to wait until you’ve closed out the $5 Nassau.