What is a Modern Golfer?  What does he look like?  What type of golf equipment does he play?

Are you a Modern Golfer?

Let’s find out.

MyGolfSpy’s Modern Independent Golfer is an early influencer, people hear it from him; he starts the trends not the other way around. The Modern Independent will not compromise and therefore likes to make a strong connection with the brands he chooses. He supports people who have put blood sweat and tears into their products. He only spends his money on the things he’s truly passionate about and demands the same passion go into the quality of what he buys.

The Modern Independent Golfer is also a contrarian, a non-conformist, or simply put, opposed to the popular vote. He is sick of his playing companions constantly badgering him about not playing Callaway, or Cobra or PING. They haven’t heard of his newfangled brands and therefore they’re sub par to what they have in the bag.

MyGolfSpy’s Modern Independent Golfer is fed up with the claims that if your not a BIG name, well then you can’t possibly be any good.

So we rounded up 5 brands we know best represent his passion, his personality and pizzaz.

To All Modern Golfers…we hope you enjoy #ProjectMG



Fed up with his local builder and 7th broken driver in 2 months, Tyler “Sully” Sullivan threw his hands in the air and said enough is enough. It was that moment in 2011 when he founded BombTech Golf, reached out to the University of Vermont and began engineering the Grenade Driver. After three years on the market Sully believes he can’t design a driver that outperforms the Grenade, so he won’t just release a newer model… It’s that simple.

Our Modern Golfer likes Sully’s average guy attitude and his passion that everyone is entitled to premium golf equipment with the quality and performance of the major OEM’s. Sully’s speaks with conviction when he says “our golf clubs will help you play to the best of your ability.” This passion and commitment is why the MG is recommending the Bombtech Grenade as his driver of choice.




100 years ago the first golf course in Japan was built in Kobe, an area renowned for its metal work, especially in the forging of Samurai swords. Over time these forging techniques were passed down through generations until it was realized they could be adapted to create another precision instrument, the golf club. One of these expert craftsmen soon returned to his home town of Ichikawa and began honing the finest golf clubs ever made, it was then Vega Golf was born…

Golf clubs forged by the techniques of the great Samurai sword masters? The Modern Independent says sign me up. Who’s going to pass on a brand loaded with such history, that plays as good as it’s legend?

The MG has chosen Vega’s VC-01, a traditional small forged cavity design that will appeal to a large variety of golfers. Vega has paired the VC-01 with a high quality steel and very smooth Shimada shaft, as well as a quality velvet grip by Iguana.




“Bob Renegar is one of the smartest wedge & design guys I’ve ever met” – Adam Beach MGS

So there’s that.

When the boss at MyGolfSpy has such a deep rooted belief in a product the Modern Independent takes notice, which has lead him to the stunning Renegar RxF Tour Proto Precision-Forged wedges. The RxF is a 5-Step Precision-Forged club head from very soft 1025C carbon steel which they want you to know is a true forging not some form-forged misrepresentation.

Renegar’s wedges feature a patented sole design developed over 20+ years by an experienced professional club designer. It provides the greatly improved playability of a lower leading edge but with 5 different bounce surfaces (and angles) that are uniquely designed to help the player in every conceivable short game situation. Renegar have paired the RxF with KBS Wedge shafts and Lamkin 3Gen short game grips.


Tyson Lamb – “Lamb Crafted”

tyson lamb

The kid who started customizing, or “pimping” clubs for friends in high school has finally come to realize his dream; hand making putters from the finest of materials right at home in America. He started in a garage and recently moved to his own shop, which you can check out via his Instagram.

Tyson Lamb knows that retail design and technology has pushed puters too far, otherwise, as he says, “why are there not more guys on tour winning with “spaceship” style putters”?

Tyson believes in 3 core principles of putting:

  1. Every great putter has a routine
  2. “Roll the line” and you will learn to troubleshoot bad putting rounds
  3. Great putters don’t change putters

His 3 core principles prove consistency is the most important part of putting – control as much as you can and let the ball fall into the hole. So Tyson builds putters to truly fit the player’s stroke.

All his 303 American stainless steel is sourced from within the country, he doesn’t have to double age it, or teach it german. He’ll also finish your putter with the finest of design details or stampings because as he likes to say, “I’m a putter artist.”




What’s more contrarian than colored balls, period? Seriously what’s more different? Volvik isn’t quite a regular household name yet in North America, which makes them perfect for our Modern Independent Golfer. Volvik is no slouch either however, having won on multiple tours, at the highest level globally.

These are the balls certain to make you the center of conversation amongst your playing partners. If there’s anything the Modern Independant likes, is to be is the center of attention and start the trends.

Don’t like colors? Volvik also offer what they dub “White Color” options, which are whites with almost a pearl sheen. Don’t need a tour ball like the Vista Tour series? Volvik have you covered there as well with their Crystal, S3, S4 and DS 77 series.

So, do you think you’re a Modern Golfer now?

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