To borrow a phrase from Rod Stewart, tonight’s the night.

By 10 PM Eastern time we’ll know the winner of Driver vs. Driver 2. Will it be industrial designer Evan Hoffman and his Cortex, or will it be Oregon State University engineering student Tim Slama and his Rozwell? Both drivers, as we learned yesterday, are on the USGA’s conforming list, and we also know the winning club is in transit to retailers and should be on the shelves for you to try starting tomorrow.

But the questions remains: which one?

Watch & Win!

If you’ve been following MyGolfSpy the past few weeks, you know we’ve had our own little Driver vs. Driver 2 watch-along contest going, and seeing as how tonight’s the big night, tonight’s the night you can win big. All you have to do is this:

  • Watch tonight’s finale of Driver vs. Driver 2
  • Come back here and answer the two contest questions in the Comments section below (you have until Friday)
  • Answer correctly to be eligible
  • If you’re chosen, you’ll win your very own Driver vs. Driver 2 driver – the Cortex or the Rozwell!

This Week’s Questions (Answer in the Comments section below):

So it’s down to Evan and his Cortex, and Tim and the Rozwell. And since this is the Finale, we want you to know a little about each contestant, as well and the final Tour player testing for each driver:

Question 1: From what cities and states do Tim and Evan hail?

Question 2: Where was the final round of Tour player testing conducted?

Get both questions correct, and  you could win the Driver vs. Driver 2 champ! Make sure to watch tonight to find the answers.

Last Week’s Winner

In last week’s contest, we asked two questions specific to last week’s episode, which featured a segment on shaft selection and a testing segment on the range at the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic (Eric Gagne is still a freakin’ beast of the tee, isn’t he?). The question were:

  • Which NFL Head Coach also happens to be the former High School teammate of Wilson Golf President Tim Clarke?
  • Which shaft manufacturer was selected for the final designs in #DriverVsDriver?

The answers:

  • Sean Payton – head coach of the New Orleans Saints, was a Wilson Golf President Tim Clarke’s teammate at Naperville Central High in Illinois in 1981.
  • The Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec was chosen to be the stock shaft for all three final designs.

Our prize for last week’s episode is a custom-stamped Wilson Staff PMP wedge, and the lucky winner is Brad Garrett. We’re not sure if it’s the same Brad Garrett that was in Everybody Loves Raymond, but one can hope.

Congrats Brad, and everyone enjoy tonight’s finale of Driver vs. Driver 2.