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You’ve already given us some outstanding feedback on Titleist and Callaway Golf. This time we’re asking for your thoughts on what I think may prove to be one of the most polarizing brands in golf. Rather than waste words, let’s get right to the meat of today’s survey.

What’s the Deal with Nike Golf?

At times I’m frankly not sure what to make of Nike Golf. Nike is the largest sporting goods brand in the world. The Nike empire as a whole is sitting on more intellectual property than anyone in the sports world (and it’s not even close). And as far as giant empires go, they are impossibly deft at striking a balance between their mammoth Fortunate 500 corporate stature and the rebelliously innovative spirit that is at the core of Nike’s DNA.

When you narrow focus to Nike’s golf division what you find is a company whose PGA Tour 1-2 punch of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy arguably packs a more influential wallop than that of everybody else combined, and yet for reasons I’m not certain I fully comprehend, I don’t believe the average golfer perceives Nike as a major force in the golf industry.

So what is the deal with Nike’s golf business?

A Question of Perception

You can look at it like this: Nike has only been in the golf industry for just over a decade. You need to give them some time.

Or you can look at it like this: Nike has been in the golf industry for over a decade. What the hell is taking them so long?

It’s possible that perceptions of Nike Golf are almost purely generational.

If you played golf before Nike played golf, chances are you still view them as an outsider. If you’ve never known golf without Nike, maybe they’re every bit as authentic to the sport as Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway.

I’m certain that some of you are fiercely loyal to the Nike Golf Brand. You see Nike Golf as a relentless innovator; one of the few companies left with the stones to challenge the status quo.

I’m equally as certain that some of you are fierce Nike Golf detractors. You see Nike Golf as an inauthentic invader; a shoe company too arrogant to realize that it’s got no business in the golf business.

Which is it?

I know what I believe (and I’m working on a story about it), but what do you believe?

That’s exactly what we want to find out today.

Take the Survey

…and tell us exactly what you think about Nike Golf and where it fits in the golf industry.

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Check Back Soon

Wanna see the results?  So do we!  So…just like last time, we’re going to publish the results of this survey for everyone to see. Be sure to check back soon to find out what other MyGolfSpy readers truly think about the biggest names in golf.