Win a Nike Method Core Weighted Putter!

Just leave a comment below telling us which model you like best and why you think it is the putter for you.

(Written by Golfspy Dave) “Which one of these putters is the right one for me?” Do you ask yourself that question?

I ask that question every time I check out a newly released line of putters.  We are rapidly approaching the 2013 PGA Show and that means that we will get to see a whole bunch of new putters over the coming weeks.  These new flatsticks will come from the big name manufacturers and from the little shops as well.  Regardless of the company, I see myself wondering which of the new putters is right for me every time I see a new photo.  Some of you may be able to stick to your old faithful putter year after year, but I know that some of you are like me, constantly on the lookout for the latest beauty in the putter corral.

Today, I submit for your perusal the new Core Method Weighted line-up from Nike.  The Method Core Weighted putter line is the latest interpretation of Nike’s Method Core series.  This new line builds upon the success of the previous Method Core line by bringing something new:  weights.  What do the weights do?  Let’s ask Nike.

David Franklin, Nike Golf Master Modelmaker, stated, “Most people don’t realize that they are about 3/10 of an inch above the ground at impact. You need to keep the center of gravity of the putter as low as you can so that it never gets higher than the CG of the ball. This stops the putter from driving the ball down and creating backspin on the ball.”

The Method Core Weighted putter works to solve this potential putting inconsistency with its strategically designed weighting system. Franklin continued, “With the Method Core Weighted technology, we worked to get the center of gravity lower than the ball, enabling the putter to rise up at impact, lift the ball and turn it over quickly.”

So there you have it, the weights help get that ball rolling forward.  Combining this new technology with the Polymetal™ grooves and multi-material insert sounds like a great combination.  So let’s check take a look!

General Specs:  Nike Method Core Weighted

:: Tour Weighting for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy

:: Multi Material Insert w/ Polymetal Groove technology

:: Heel-Toe sole weights

:: CG’s that are lower and deeper

:: Mid-sized Method Core grips

:: Tour Satin Chrome finish

:: Milled Faces

:: Putters Weighted to Lengths (33”, 34”, 35”, & 43” in belly version of 11w)

Nike Method Core - MC01w

The Nike Method Core MC01w has a classic blade shape with a short flow neck.  This neck creates quite a bit of toe hang (5:00) and will most likely fit those of you with a strong arcing stroke.

// BEST FIT - Strong Arc

Nike Method Core - MC02w

The MC02w is another classically shaped plumbers-necked blade, whose toe hang (4:00) should fit more of a slight arcing stroke.  This is not just the MC01w with a different neck though.  The MC02w is shorter heel to toe, and wider face to flange that the MC01w.  Personally, I found this compact geometry very visually appealing.

// BEST FIT - Slight Arc

Nike Method Core - MC03w

The MC03w’s half-mallet head has the shortest heel to toe length in the line-up.  Rather than the more typically found flow neck, Nike has equipped the MC03w with a plumbers neck.  This brings the toe hang (4:00) and playability (slight arc) more to the realm of the MC02w than to the other mallets in the line-up.  If you like the mallet head, but want a bit more toe hang, this may be your putter.

// BEST FIT - Slight Arc

Nike Method Core - MC04w

The MC04w is a double-wide version of the classic blade.  The extra deep flange and the double bend shaft give the putter just a touch of toe hang (3:15), likely dropping it into the bag of the straight putting player.  The MC04w has the same length heel to toe as the MC02w, but is definitely wider than even that wider-than-normal blade.

// BEST FIT - Straight Back Straight Through

Nike Method Core - MC11w

The MC11w is the true mallet in the Method Core Weighted line-up.  Like the MC04w, the MC11w also has just a bit of toe hang (3:15) and should fit a straight stroke.  The MC11w is also available as a 43” belly putter.

// BEST FIT - Straight Back Straight Through

General Impression: Feel

Most people who rolled the Nike Method Core Weighted putters were surprised at how nicely they feel.  I was in this camp as well prior to rolling them.  I love the original Method and the Method Midnight lines, but have prior to now avoided the Core line likely do to my anti-insert snobbery.  I think that this line may have dispelled my anti-insert mentality.

The feel of this putter is total Goldilocks.  Is it too mushy? Nope.  Nor does it have a hard, plastically click at impact.  Impact sounds good, and the ball definitely rolls well like the designer of their weights and the grooves says it should.  These putters may be at the lower end of the price scale, but they feel nice and rich at impact.

General Impression:  Looks

Overall, I think that the Nike Method Core Weighted is an attractive putting package.  I always get a bit concerned with glare potential of a silver finish, but the Core Weighted's Tour Satin Chrome Finish was glare free.  The stock grip looks great and has a great tacky texture.  My only concern with the looks comes in the realm of durability.  The bottom edge of the face seems unusually prone to dings, especially on the MC011w.  You can see a few in the photos above.  Nothing is visible at address, and play seems unaffected.  Perhaps this is a headcover coverage issue.  Regardless of cause, I found their emergence surprising, and thus worth mention.

The One For Me

Many of you who have read my reviews probably know which version of the Nike Method Core Weighted that I picked as my favorite.  Did you guess the MC04w?  If so, you are correct.  I really loved the look and feel of that putter.  It was a solid performer for me as well.  The very first putt I took with it was a 25 footer that dropped for birdie.  I didn’t drop every putt with it, of course, but after a few (one?) holes I did feel very confident with it.  One of my friends, we will call him Agent R, had this to say about the MC04w.

“All of these putters feel really good, but that one is special.” - Agent R

I was actually surprised by my second favorite putter in the line.  Looking at them, I figured second place would go to the MC11w or the MC03w.  As it turns out, these two were third and fourth.  Number two for me was the MC02w.  Maybe I have an eye for square heads, maybe it’s the MOI, or maybe it’s something else.  Whatever the reason, the MC02w and I seemed to get along quite well.

In Conclusion

I was definitely impressed by Nike’s new Method Core Weighted line.  Maybe pleasantly surprised is a better way to describe my overall impression.  The addition of the sole weights to the existing Polymetal Groove/Polymer-Aluminum insert allows the Method Core Weighted line to produce a great feeling, true rolling putt. I appreciate that the Nike designers have included quite a diverse range of head shapes in the line-up as well.  If one of the models catches your eye, and/or sounds like it will fit your stroke, I strongly suggest you take it out for a test roll.  Take it from this now former insert snob, you are in for a treat.

Win a Nike Method Core Weighted Putter!

Just leave a comment below telling us which model you like best and why you think it is the putter for you.