The legendary Kirkland Signature golf ball is back (sorta)! Despite the hysteria, however, golfers are noticing some durability issues. Bottom line, the covers are splitting. Let’s hope the soon to be announced Kirkland putter has fewer quirks. Lastly, Harry emphasizes why the handle matters on your golf umbrella.

  • 01:25 – We’ve been busy testing the new Kirkland golf ball, it’s not without its faults. Full results to come soon.
  • 19:28 – Costco is also getting into the putter game with what appears to be a decent looking club.
  • 25:38Most Wanted Umbrella results are out. Tony’s got a million-dollar umbrella idea for anyone who wants to capitalize.
  • 34:47 – In case you missed it, we’ve started member testing with the Maxfli Tour and Tour X golf balls. Head over to our forums to sign up.

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