(Written By): MyGolfSpy Owner (GolfSpy X)

Parsons Xtreme Golf


Probably the first time you've ever seen that kind of sign on any magazine related to golf.

Read it carefully. It's not a joke.

We believe in the truth.  It's simple.  It's black and white.  I like black and white.  Bob, well, he does too.

And, if you're going to capture the true essence of and tell the true story of Bob, well it's going to have to come with some warning signs (earmuff time, don't say I didn't tell you so).  I'm referring to Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy and owner of the new Parsons Xtreme Golf company.  And if you care about golf, you might want to read on.


Who Is Bob?

I'll sum him up for ya.  Or actually I'll let the name of his new company do it for me. It does a pretty good job. Parsons (not a chance his name wasn't gonna be somewhere on this club) Xtreme (yeah it's slightly 1994ish, but not many words better define the guy) Golf (this man is addicted to golf like no man I've ever seen, yeah even you dad).

But since three words don't do true justice to defining men like Bob, I will expand:

  • some call him an asshole
  • some call him sweet
  • full of piss and vinegar
  • loud
  • incredibly intelligent
  • fuck you money (I warned you)
  • savvy
  • self-made
  • advertising badass
  • caring
  • expert delegator
  • outrageous
  • passionate
  • guns
  • doesn't give a shit about what you think about him
  • superbowl
  • billionaire
  • purple heart
  • lives life to the fullest
  • motorcycles
  • 10% redneck
  • does what he says
  • says what he thinks
  • rough around edges yet refined
  • blunt
  • calculated
  • does nothing small
  • distinctive
  • direct
  • controversial
  • not enough?

* Read this letter (after he purchased Scottsdale National) he wrote, maybe this will help.

Bob is also a reader of MyGolfSpy.  How do I know?  He told me so. What followed after he told me, is something you tell your kids and grand kids about. I'm not one to ask famous people for autographs or care the slightest about rubbing elbows with powerful people.  After all, we are all just people at the end of the day.  And some of the most incredibly special people to me are neither famous nor rich.  But, the round of golf I had with Bob Parsons some 18 months ago was, well, special.  Not because I was playing golf with a billionaire. And not because I was curious what his interest was in my business.  It was special, because I have not before nor since played a round of golf with an individual as unique as this one.  And there' s the fact that it forever changed my life and career.  So, there's that too I guess.

I think this quote puts the round and his advice to me in some perspective, Bob said, "Colt you can't win a farting contest, unless your willing to shit your pants."


Why Should You Care About Bob?

Remember that quote?  How could you forget.  Well, Bob is going to prove with his new golf company, he's willing to shit his pants. The man does not bullshit around when he says he's going to do something.

Whether you like it or not, the golf landscape and demographic is and has changed, forever.  You either evolve with it or you too will become like dinosaurs: Extinct.  Bob is anything but a dinosaur, trust me.  The industry is about to get a wake up call, a 4AM type of wake-up call (that's what time he gets up).  No, he's not going to outsell Taylormade or Callaway.  Actually, PXG won't even outsell Wilson. But all three of those companies better start paying attention.

Why?  Because.  They will out perform, out feel, out manufacture, out give a shit about giving a shit about THE best quality possible. And, guess what, I haven't even hit a single club yet.  I can in knowing what I know about Bob Parsons and how he operates GUARANTEE that.  It's going to happen.

Mark down today in your calendars as the day the bullshit claims in golf got put on notice.  For those that are tired of the hype, tired of the unfulfilled promises, tired of the yardage you were promised and never received. For those looking for an alternative to that message, well, you will want to start paying attention to the message coming out of PXG.

Not For Everyone

But remember this one thing:  Bob is not for everyone and neither will PXG be.  That's the way Bob likes it.  So, if you are one of the many that don't like his clubs or his message when they are released, remember he doesn't give a shit, because they weren't meant for you.

That is Bob and that will be PXG.