YES! Putter Lovers…Rejoice!

YES! putter lovers can breath a sigh of relief..not only was the brand brought back from the dead by Adams Golf…they also kept the same look and feel including the C-Groove technology their cult like followers grew to love.  Sounds pretty simple in theory when you think about it.  “Don’t fix what ain’t broke” …but more often than not new owners have other plans for brands they purchase on the cheap.  This could have easily become a house brand at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods and would have been all but forgotten about by now.

Adams Golf – Influence On New Putters

Prior to Adams Golf purchase of the YES! brand, they had been tinkering around with some prototype putters of their own…so I must say that I was a little surprised their was not more of that influence on this years models…but I’m sure you will see some of that in the future.  The Elanor model does resemble a former Adams Prototype Putter they were experimenting with back in April of last year though.

yes bella putter 2012