I have seen all kinds of interesting patents and patent applications...some good but most bad...I feel most of them are just too complex to become functional.  Well this one might sound complex but the complex is simple in theory and I think you might actually get to see something like this one come to the market one day soon.  Depends on what the USGA will have to say about this one though.


Because imagine that MOI was a thing of the past...meaning no matter where you hit the ball on the face the ball would go straight.  Now it might not fly as far or roll as long but the direction would always be the same.  Well that is what Ping in theory looks to have done with their latest patent application. This might actually work!

Has Ping Invented The World's Straightest Driver?

Basically what you have is a plate that sits behind the face weighting anywhere between 20-40 grams total which would react to where the ball was struck on the face.  This particular design only seems to take left to right misses into consideration and not top to bottom but still the idea sounds quite sound and intriguing.  Because basically what would happen is if let's say you hit a ball off the heel of the face of your driver...which cause the ball to spin and go off the intended line of flight.  Well this rotation of the head at impact would also cause the restrictor plate to rotate in the same direction causing the opposite side to deform in shape and adjust in its stiffness and as a result the MOI would be instantaneously adjusted and in theory cause the ball to still fly straight.

Adjustable MOI Patent

Adjustable MOI Patent


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