2011 Ping Precision Milled Putters

In my opinion one of the best milled putter series not only for the milling work but also the soundness of the designs were the Ping Redwood putters.  And it looks like more of the same with the newest series of Ping putters…the Ping Precision Milled line-up.  From what we have heard and seen it looks like there will be 7 putters in the new stable of milled putters from Ping.  We should be getting more info later today and will update this as soon as we do.

IT’S BACKKK! – The Ping Sound Slot

Until then here are some “spy pics” of a couple of the newest models.  Pictured is the Ping Anser 0 which features the sound slot and also the Ping Anser 1 model.  Other models in the Ping Precision Milled series will include the following:

  • Anser 0
  • Anser 1
  • Anser 2
  • Anser 3
  • Anser 4
  • Anser 5
  • Anser 6

ping anser milled 2011

ping anser 0 milled