Since I was very young it has always been a nasty eight letter word to me. It reminds me of a time when I was forced to sit in front of a piano everyday for hours on end. The unfortunate reality of it all is that unless you’re blessed with super powers, without practice you’re never going to get any better.

Practice is a bit of a necessary evil.

Over the years with MyGolfSpy I’ve been introduced to many training aids that are supposed to help you get more out of our practice time. They’re supposed to help improve your game (with the emphasis on the supposed). Not everything works as advertised, but every so often a product comes through my doors that changes how I look at practice and actually produces results.

Today I wanted to give you a look inside my practice kit. Not every item is with me every time I go to the course, but each plays a part in my practice regimen. Maybe something here can help you.




When my putting goes awry it’s usually because I’m moving the putter head everywhere but back and through on the same path. The TIBA PUTT is the best aid I’ve found to ingrain the consistent proper stroke. The great thing about TIBA’s design is it caters to all stroke types whether you’re an arc putter or straight back straight through.


Zepp makes practice fun and almost a game as you’re trying to get all the key factors to align to achieve a perfect score of 100. Tempo is off? Instant feedback. Over-swinging? Instant feedback. You get the point and Zepp does all this via a big, bold and probably the most user friendly feedback display on the market. The info is presented simply, and isn’t overly data-heavy, which is perfect for an average guy like me.


The laser points right out of the butt end of the club and can be used at home or at the range to positively reinforce club path on the downswing. I use it at home between range sessions in slow motion to ingrain the feel and muscle memory of getting that butt end firing right down the target line. At the range I can use it the same way if I suspect I’m off – as seen here.


DST stands for Delayed Strike Technology. The clubs forces you to locate, train and perfect the optimal impact position.

When I stop turning and flipping it’s time to bring the DST out. After everything else, it’s the one aid that makes sure I keep turning and don’t quit through impact. I’m not going to spend all day explaining it all again when you can read the review.


These are not your local golf shop’s $25 a set fancy-smanschy alignment sticks, they’re $2 driveway markers found at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement. I’m making a point here people, they’re TWO DOLLARS and do the exact same thing!

There’s no better reinforcement to body/target alignment than a physical aid laid along your feet and club path lines. Sure commenters will chime in with why not just use a club? That’s to be expected and I have no problem with anyone doing that. But look at it from my perspective; these are cheap, long (48 inches), and can be used in many more applications such as sticking in the ground at an angle behind you for swing plane reinforcement.





The FIT is  a hybrid between a Sunday bag and a carry bag, it’s pretty much perfect when I don’t want to lug my whole set out. The materials are heavy duty, the pocket space ample and the stand works without a hitch.


If you find a ball that works for you on the course, make sure you practice with it too. The Snell “My Tour Ball” fits me well and provides a consistent predictable roll off the putter, so why wouldn’t I practice with it. Although the quality is proven, this still might not be the ball for you, but my point is control all the variables you can on and off the course for a more consistent game.


We all get thirsty and can drink only so much Tim Horton’s. When coffee no longer cuts it and you need some water he Hydrapak STASH is a great bottle.

Flexible and about 50% lighter than hard bottles, when not in use this beauty collapses to about an inch high, or one fifth it’s full size. What’s really nice is it can be frozen if you wanted to pre-cool some fluid before heading out on a hot summer day.


To help me get into my zone, I take music to the course. So I wear in-ears—because nobody should be forced to endure my musical tastes.

Now we can argue until the end of time about personal audio preferences, but you won’t find a better in-ear for under $50 that sounds as good. You get a high quality build, a remote/microphone that works well with either Android or Apple devices, and great tip selection including foam. Bottom line: the Brainwavz Delta is your go to audio inspiration for practice swings.


Because I’m addicted to Star Wars.