If a deal sounds too good to be true, it typically is.

But like the “Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free” Dire Straits promised us in 1985, just the illusion can be enough to drive buyer behavior.  Still, critical consumers know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and someone is always footing the bill. There’s always a catch, right?

Maybe not this time.

In this instance, we’re talking rangefinders and free batteries. Clay Hood and Jonah Mytro – founders of Precision Pro Golf – are picking up the tab.

Hood and Mytro felt golfers deserved a value-priced rangefinder which came with an unparalleled level of customer service. They felt golfers deserved to be treated as something more than a data point on a quarterly sales sheet. If you think that’s a direct shot at Bushnell and Leupold, you’re right. It’s effectively the same platform T-Mobile is successfully using to pull customers away from higher-priced competitors AT&T and Verizon. Like T-Mobile, Precision Pro might be a small step behind category leaders, but it’s working to narrow the technology gap while providing a profoundly different level of customer service which continues to add value after the initial purchase.

To that end, Precision Pro is willing to replace your rangefinder battery, regardless of brand or model, 100% free of charge.

Simply fill out a couple of basic pieces of information (name, email, brand/model, and shipping address), and in a couple of days a new battery will show up in the mail. No hooks. No catches. Totally free.

You’re still thinking there’s a catch.

To that end here’s what Hood says is the driving force behind this approach:

We like to go above-and-beyond when it comes to delivering great customer service and the free battery replacement service is a simple way that we can to that. We thought expanding the replacement service so that all golfers — whether they have one of our rangefinders or not — was a great way to show golfers that we try to do things a little bit different here at Precision Pro Golf. If we go above and beyond for someone who isn’t even a customer, we hope they’ll believe that we’ll definitely go the extra mile when they buy a Precision Pro Golf rangefinder.

Think of it as a free sample of the type of customer service to which Precision Pro believes every consumer is entitled.

To claim your free rangefinder battery, simply click here.