For many golfers, PRG was the brand you loved, but you just didn’t know it…yet. That’s the crux of the challenge for component brands, where the final product gets a majority of the attention (love your Adidas shoes with the dial thingy) but the brand responsible for said component (BOA) struggles to find an identity of its own.

Quick show of hands – How many of you recently peeked inside a headcover or flipped over a ballmarker to see which company manufactured it? Whether you have or haven’t, there’s a good chance you’re going to start seeing PRG headcovers and accessories in the bags of your regular 4-some, the pro shop at your next bucket list course, or in the merchandise tent at any one of the PGA Tour’s four annual majors.


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The reality is that PRG has always been there, but maybe now you’re starting to notice. That’s the impact of selective attention and the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon at play. It’s also why once you decide to buy a red 2005 Honda Civic, you see red Honda Civics in every parking lot, at every gas station, and on every highway.

Armchair psychology aside, putting its brand front and center is a new path forward for PRG and one which allows it to establish individual identity and persona.


The foundation of PRG is to give consumers high-quality products at reasonable prices, and offer distributors a nimble manufacturer who can handle bulk orders but doesn’t scoff (or price gouge) on a limited run of bag-tags for a corporate outing.

None of that is changing, but with the debut of its Originals line, PRG wanted a place to house a select number of custom designs for the general market. From shamrocks and sweet-tooths to Fabulous Las Vegas and Route 66, the intent is to stock a limited number of roughly 23 designs which should have broad appeal. PRG doesn’t (currently) allow for individuals to customize one-off covers, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see this made available sooner rather than later.

Also, as a value-added bonus (you can thank PRG’s Northern Irish heritage), luck is included at no extra cost.


Want to design the next PRG headcover? Here’s how to enter.


After approximately two weeks, submissions will be narrowed down to 4-6 final designs. PRG will then create one-off headcovers of each final design. A winner will be selected using a very complex algorithm which carefully weighs input via social media, overall artistry, and depth of message.

(Actually, it will be whichever design we think is the best, or coolest, or really whatever.)

The winning design will be offered in a limited-run (the exact number of pieces is TBD) with a portion of the proceeds going to the designer’s charity of choice.

Good luck and if you’re looking for inspiration, did we mention PRG started in Northern Ireland?