Who wants to test an actual pre-release prototype?

We are extremely excited to present our readers with an amazing and rare opportunity to legitimately contribute to the design of a next generation fairway wood.

While the big boys (TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist...you know the names) have to keep all of their new stuff super top-secret until the official release day (or at least until the authorized leak day), a smaller company like PowerBilt has the freedom to allow actual golfers to be part of their design process.

Can you see where this is going? We've been asked to find a small group of MyGolfSpy readers to test the new PowerBilt Air Foil Fairway Wood while it's still very much in the prototype phase.

How unbelievably cool is that?


Who We're Looking For

We're looking for 6 golfers, 2 each within the below swing speed groups, who can take part in on course testing of the PowerBilt Air Foil Fairway, and provide meaningful feedback to the manufacturer.

  • 2 ea. 80-90 mph club head speed
  • 2 ea. 90-100 mph club head speed
  • 2 ea. 100 plus

The Prototype

AF Crown

PowerBilt Air Foil  3 Wood 15 degree.

We're looking for golfers who can provide an on-course performance review for the following performance attributes.

  • Launch angle
  • Trajectory
  • Spin – does it bore or float
  • Turf interaction

Additionally, PowerBilt will ask you to provide subjective evaluation in the following areas:

  • Appearance – Are the Air Foils a distraction?
  • Feel
  • Sound
  • Durability

Please do not apply if you're unable to perform rigorous on-course testing.

R, S, and X available in the following shafts:

  • Fujikura – Motore
  • Fujikura – Pro 63
  • Fujikura – Fuel
  • Fujikura – Speeder
  • Graphite Design - GD 50, 60
  • Aldila – RIP

Stress sole

  • Air Foil wave design creates an accordion effect to move the face and rebound to increase ball speed. The Nitrogen pressure pushes the face back to its original position to further increase ball speed.
  • In a fairway wood, due to the shallower face, the trampoline effect is reduced. The Air Foil introduces a wave design which creates an accordion effect allowing the face to move at impact and initiating the buildup of pressure to restate the face at a high velocity increasing ball speed and distance.
  • Nitrogen Pressure in a golf head supports the face which enable the face to be thinner, therefore creating more of a trampoline effect. As the face compresses and the Pressure in the head increases the face is thrust back to create high ball speed and increased distance.
  • The Air Foils increase how fast the face flexes at impact, promoting faster ball speed across the face, which promotes consistently longer distance on every swing.
  • The Air Foil face features a premium carpenter steel that is 40% stronger than 17-4 stainless steel. This enables us to make a thinner face, with uniform thickness to maximize face deflection, creating a hotter face for increased ball speed and more distance.
  • The Nitrogen valve is positioned to increase MOI and create an optimum launch angle.

Apply To Test The Prototype

To throw your hat into the ring to test the Air Foil Fairway Prototype, leave a comment containing the following information:

  • Your swing speed
  • Your shaft choice

To be eligible, you must be resident of planet Earth, and if you haven't done so already, you'll also need to Subscribe to the MyGolfSpy Newsletter.