Another Monday, another driver of note on the USGA's conforming clubs list. Once again it's PXG and this time it's the 0811x.

And no...this isn't another April Fools joke.

We're working to get more information, but based on the photos the 0811x appears to be a scaled down version of PXG's original 0811 driver. The USGA's photos don't exactly provide a concrete idea of scale, so we can't yet tell if we're talking about something in the 430cc (+/- 10cc) range, or if we're looking at full-blown mini driver-level (260cc) stuff here.

UPDATE: Actually,'s John Wall has some pics that show a driver that's longer from front to back, which suggests a 460cc offering that's likely higher MOI than the 0811.


What is clear is that the screw weight count has dropped from 16 to 11, suggesting it's almost definitely sub-460cc. There also appears to be some sort of channel around the perimeter. Perhaps there will be an aerodynamics story. Perhaps it's just for show.

Also noteworthy is that the driver appears to have an actual model name/number instead of the go-to Darkness moniker PXG users for prototypes. That suggests the 0811x is near-ready, if not totally ready, to go.

SOLE: (eleven ports), 0811X, (PXG logo)
TOE: (PXG logo)
CROWN: (two triangles alignment mark)
HOSEL: (dot)
HEEL: (loft)

More details to come, I'm sure.