• PXG has released Special-Edition Camo Forged Wedges.
  • The camo pattern is based on the fairways at Scottsdale National Golf Club.
  • Retail price is $299.

a photo of a PXG Special Edition Camo Forged wedge

PXG Camo Forged Wedges

Like most of the golf equipment world, PXG is off to a busy start in 2021. It refreshed its 0211 offering as nearly a full bag’s worth of value-priced clubs. It deployed GEN4 drivers, fairways, irons and hybrids for its troops and released an updated line of Battle Ready putters.

The apparel side of the business is firing on all cylinders as well. And while, with polos starting at $120, you probably won’t see much of it in your Saturday foursome, it does suggest a commitment to maintaining a strong presence at the spendy end of the market.

The summary takeaway: Since its inception, PXG has grown and evolved but it sure as hell isn’t going away anytime soon. So much for “they won’t last two years.”

With the majority of its large releases out of the way for the season (or at least for now), PXG is filling the downtime with its Special Edition wedge. Limited edition, line extension … whatever you want to call it, PXG is giving you one more option in the wedge category.

Design Inspiration

The PXG Special-Edition Camo Forged wedge likely isn’t the first time you’ve seen a camo pattern on a golf club. Cleveland has done camo on wedges, PING used a Realtree Camo pattern on a Ketsch putter and, I’d be willing to bet, if we put our heads together, we could come up with a few more examples.

The noteworthy detail here is the origin of this particular camo pattern. Using aerial photos, designer Aaron Marohl scaled, rotated and transformed the outlines of the generous fairways at Bob Parsons’ Scottsdale National Golf Club to create the distinctive pattern.

Like most special-edition releases, this isn’t a world-beater but if you’re looking for something out of the mainstream with a little bit of a back story, the PXG Camo Forged Wedge is an option.

PXG Camo Forged Wedges – Specs and Pricing

The Special-Edition PXG 0311 Fairway Camo Forged Wedge is available in 60 degrees in right-hand only. PXG hasn’t said how many are available but they’re positioned on a first-come, first-served basis through PXG fitting studios, fitting specialists and over the phone.

They are $299 each.

For more information, visit PXG.com.

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