TIP: If you want to break in to the golf ball industry, step 1 is to send blank white boxes to the media.

A fresh white box of prototype Srixon golf balls just arrived to the MyGolfSpy Test Facility. For those that don’t know, blank white golf ball boxes are a thing in the industry. Generally what it meant in the past was that you were selected as a prototype ball tester for Titleist.

FACT: Most golfers like Titleist golf balls. All golfers love blank white prototype Titleist golf balls.

It seems some other golf ball companies have caught on.


Srixon sent MyGolfSpy a few sleeves of their prototype Z Stars for next year. The only logical conclusion? Put them to the test, of course! Today we look at the numbers from the new Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV while also comparing their stats to the renowned Titleist Pro-V1.