When Titleist launched the TS series of drivers two years ago, it was a significant departure from the several-generations-deep 9-series. Suddenly, PGA TOUR players were talking about ball speed and Average Joes were seeing less spin. Sales increased.

Will the momentum continue?

A few weeks back, the new TSi series launched on Tour and several were in play at the U.S. Open. As Tour validation goes, that’s not half bad.

What’s new and improved with the TSi?  There are obvious changes to the weight configuration and, apparently, a new face design story as well. Those details will come soon enough.

An image of TItleist TSi2 and Tsi3 drivers

Titleist TSi Drivers – Testers Wanted

In the meantime, Titleist wants to put its TSi drivers in the hands of six of our readers who will share their TSi experience with our community members.

We are looking for three testers for the TSi2 and three others for the TSi3 to be among the first consumers to try the TSi.

You can apply to be a tester by clicking here. Testers must reside in the U.S.