SMT DB Plus Driver

SMT DB Plus Driver Spotted!- Coming August 12th

We first saw spy photos of the SMT DB Plus concept only a week ago, and it looks like SMT Golf is out to convince people that you can still have a great head that isn’t square or triangular. Over the last few years SMT has become famous for being “The Winningest Component Heads In Golf History!”. So it looks like they didn’t stray too far away from that winning formula with the new SMT DB Plus Driver. Mike Tait of SMT Golf says,

“The DB Plus driver head is a combination of two of our most popular and industry respected clubheads. The 455 Deep Bore the longest clubhead in the history of golf and the amazingly popular Indio clubhead, the best feeling, arguably most accurate clubhead in the current SMT stable of international award winning clubheads.”

So it just made sense to SMT to combine the Longest Driver + Most Accurate Driver + Best Feeling Driver, and in the end they came up with the SMT DB Plus. If you are looking at these pictures and wondering why the logo is upside down….there is a reason.

Owner Mike Tait says, “When you start hitting your new DB plus driver, you will undoubtedly be “posing” a bit as you watch the ball fly down the fairway, and in case there are any cameras around during your follow through, we wanted to make sure that they could read the name of the club easily enough – DB Plus!”

Clever marketing tool but we will have to wait until August to see if the cameras really are following this newest SMT Golf driver down the fairways like they have in the past.

Driver Features:

– 440 cc Head
– MOI Friendly
– Patented Double Forged Crown Design
– Individual Personalization Available
– 100% Lifetime Warranty
– Lofts 6,7,8,9,10,12

SMT Golf DB Plus