Who would have thought COVID-19 would help practice net manufacturers have record-breaking years? Spornia has struggled to keep up with the demand for their SPG-7, the runner-up in our Best Golf Nets 2020 Buyer’s Guide. But they’ve identified a need for a smaller option: the new Spornia SPG-7 Practice Net Compact Edition. Because if you can’t practice at the range or go to the course, you’re going to want to keep that swing grooved at home.

Pandemic Practice

The global pandemic has changed everyone’s lives in many ways. But if you would have predicted golf would have flourished, you would have been called crazy. But the game has boomed and it seems to have made golfers and non-golfers alike thirstier for the game than ever before.

I’m writing this in the UK where no one has been allowed to swing the wrenches on the course or even a driving range since November. We have to wait until the end of March until we can hit the links. While it’s not been quite as hard everywhere to play golf, everyone is still being advised to socially distance. That hasn’t quenched the thirst for golf, though. Package sets, training aids and new hardware have flown off the shelves. Pertinent to this article, sales of practice nets for home use have skyrocketed.

Small But Perfectly Formed

When MyGolfSpy conducted our Best Golf Nets 2020 Buyer’s Guide, the Spornia SPG- 7 was the runner-up.  Praised for being easy to set up, it’s suitable for use inside and out. And we found it stable. Most importantly, it was about a quarter of the price of the winning Net Return V2. If you’re spending your own money, that’s quite an easy choice to make.

Not everybody has space for a full-size practice net at home. They often need to be squeezed into apartments, offices and garages. Spornia recognized this and came up with the Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net Compact Edition. It’s been designed to be used when space really is at a premium and you’ve got to squeeze your practice in. Literally.


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The Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net Compact Edition is 5.5 feet by 5.5 feet compared to the original’s 7 by 7 feet. The pop-up design is incredibly easy to put up. This might just have something to do with founder Casey Cho’s background in making pop-up tents for kids. And while a touch tricky at times to fold down, it’s a great space-saving solution. Just look how small it is in its carry bag.

Replacing the netting in many practice nets is expensive. Here, the integrated target screen takes most of the abuse. If that gets damaged, it’s a much cheaper replacement. And because of the mesh on the bottom, you won’t get any of those annoying rebounds with balls bouncing every which way. We also like the chipping net option but wouldn’t recommend using it for cheeky flop shots indoors. We don’t want to break that lampshade.

Price and Availability

Available online only for $179.99, you won’t find the Spornia SPG-7 Practice Net Compact Edition in big-box stores. This keeps the price down but the quality up. Have you got space to squeeze one of these in at home, even if you only have space to hone that 7-iron swing? It’ll probably do more for your game than a new golf club ever will.

Spornia SPG-7 Compact Edition

Spornia SPG-7 Compact Edition



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