It seems like only hours ago we brought you Spy Pics of the new Cobra Driver, and now we're  excited to give you a first look at the 2014 Adams XTD Lineup.

What we've got are pics of the new driver, fairway, and irons.

As you can see from the photos both the driver and the fairway woods are adjustable. As has become the signature of the XTD woods line, the fairway appears to have titanium construction, which in addition to arguably increasing distance, most definitely increases the street price.

Adams XTD Ti Driver

Adams XTD Ti Fairway

Adams XTD Irons - A Slotted Adams Iron!

It's the XTD Irons that will surely spark the most conversation (and by all means, discuss among yourselves). The cavity bears a striking resemblance to last seasons awesome CMB irons, but upon not-much-closer examination, they share an unmistakable point of commonality with TaylorMade's RocketBladez.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the slot found it's way over from TaylorMade. As you've probably heard by now; if you don't have a slot, you don't have a slot, and well...slots are probably good (I'm not being facetious, I believe it's legit technology).

Based on what I see, it would appear the XTD qualifies as a player's cavityback.


What's really interesting is that XTD irons (if you believe what you read) are forged. This is the first time we've seen a modern forged iron with a slot. That alone should make the XTD a compelling option for some, and no doubt opens the door to a world of future possibilities from both Adams and TaylorMade.

Stay Tuned. It won't be long before we have a firm grasp on the direction Adams is heading.