About this time last season, reinventing the driving iron was all the rage among the equipment companies. By the time we decided to put them to the test, Adams, Titleist, Callaway (who would probably like you to know they were first), Mizuno, and even Fourteen Golf offered retail availability of some form of iron designed to be hit primarily off the tee.

One year later it appears TaylorMade has decided to get in on the action. Whether their new “UDI” is fashionably late, or simply late to the party is certainly a matter of perspective.


Designed for Jason Day?

While I’d be hard-pressed to heap praise on any driving iron (not like they’re huge needle movers in the marketplace), I can’t exactly fault TaylorMade for finally conjuring up what is a realistically a specialty club likely designed for Jason Day’s upcoming vacation to Royal Liverpool.

As you may recall, Day put a 1-iron in his bag in advance of the Open Championship last year and went so far as to use only irons during a practice round at Murifield last season, so it’s far from unreasonable to think that while the Ultimate Driving Iron will be available to any TaylorMade staffer who wants ones, it’s likely Day who’ll have the pick of the litter.


While there are some obvious inferences to be made about the new club…it’s for better players seeking control, and likely lots of roll off the tee, few specifics of consequence are available.

I can’t tell you:

  • If/when it will be available at retail
  • Retail price (if ever available at retail1)
  • Available lofts
  • Stock shaft

1It’s TaylorMade…it’s gonna be available at retail

The one we have pics of is is 18°, and it’s obviously designed as an extension of the Tour Preferred iron family (CB/MC), but otherwise details are few and far between.


We’ll have more information as soon as TaylorMade decides to share, or a credible source leaks additional details.

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