Stitch Golf – Hand Made in the USA

Even when it comes to their name, Stitch Golf, is all about the details.

And, after working with them on our latest “MyGolfSpy Custom Cover”, I can tell you that those details aren’t limited to just their designs.  From our first conversation to our last, Stitch Golf was incredible to work with.  Their attention to detail from inception, to final design, to customer service was an A+ in my book.

So, Who Is Stitch Golf & What Do They Do?

Well, in simplest terms, Stitch Golf makes custom headcovers and custom accessories.  From knit, to wool and leather.  From drivers, to putters, to shoe bags and ipad covers.  And they find their inspiration in the detail that makes their covers most unique.  It’s all about the stitching.

If you haven’t heard the name, you might recognize their designs.  In the short time they have been in business their reputation for quality and customer service has already landed them in many major events, the bags of more then a few Presidents, over 500 Top Country Clubs & Resorts and gotten them distribution in US, Canada, Japan, Korea and Germany.  Not bad for just two years in a niche business.  Who said, you couldn’t make a living making headcovers?

But even with all this popularity, many of our readers weren’t familiar with the name.  So, we asked them to make us up some snazzy “MyGolfSpy Custom Leather Covers” to show off their skills.  I sent over a design and in no time Stitch Golf knocked it out of the park, with one of my favorite covers to date.

HOW IT’S MADE – Process

Stitch Golf has a proprietary processes they use, and their special finishing ensures they won’t fade and are water and stain resistant.  Stitch Golf’s pricing has been met with high praise, as they could be charging premium prices as others do, but they have a great niche business and offer a tremendous value to customers at the same time, all for the love of the game, as Steve says.” Stitch is not a custom shop by any means, but they offer something for just about everyone.

The process in entirely hand made and quite proud to be 100% produced in the USA. 

Step 1

Leather is hand selected and they review every hide to ensure the highest quality is being used.

stitch golf  headcovers


Then Stich cuts the leather pieces to meet the order, for country club accounts who require the club logos they complete this embroidery process on the

flat panels.



The next step is to sew down the decorative pieces such as stripes, circles, and numbers.



Finally once the front pieces are ready, the backs are prepared with the “Moisture Wicking” liners.



Then the covers are put together, and they go through a “5-point Quality Check Process” to ensure they are shipped to customers without defects

or any construction issues.


 The Stitch “MyGolfSpy” Cover


stitch mygolfspy cover





Check them out if you are looking for a great gift this upcoming holiday season, or just want to treat yourself to something unique.

If you want to separate yourself from the pack, of oversized nascar logo looking manufacturer head covers, then Stitch Golf is your next new brand.