The story of the new TaylorMade Distance+ golf ball is as simple as it gets for the category.

Distance+ is an inexpensive ball designed to hit a price point. It’s positioned for the no-frills’ golfer looking for affordability, distance and, in this case, an integrated alignment aid.

Distance+ Alignment.

And there you have it.

product packaging for the TaylorMade Distance+ Golf ball

TaylorMade Distance+ Construction

The TaylorMade Distance+ is a two-piece golf ball with an ionomer cover. TaylorMade says it offers max distance, mid-spin and, of course, soft feel. The stated compression is 77 and with the understanding that, on our gauges, TaylorMade balls typically read a bit firmer than stated, soft is undoubtedly a relative descriptor.

If you want soft and TaylorMade, Soft Response or Noodle Long & Soft are your best bets.

Wedge spin is described as mid/high. At worst, that’s just a bit of requisite marketing, At best, consider it relative to other distance balls. The larger point is that if you’re in search of greenside spin, this isn’t where you’ll find it.

At $15 a dozen or two for $25, your spin expectations should already be set accordingly.

The TaylorMade Distance+ golf ball is available now in white and yellow.

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