• TaylorMade’s new MyTP custom putter program allows golfers to design custom blade putters.
  • Choose from two blade models and thousands of customizable options.

TaylorMade’s new MyTP putter program should give blade players something to cheer about. With the new MyTP putter program, TaylorMade expands its existing custom putter design program to include blade putters. Maybe you enjoyed playing around with the mySpider X and mySpider tour interfaces, but didn’t order one because you don’t play mallets. Well, now you can customize your own TP Soto or TP Juno blade, simultaneously satisfying your creative and golfing needs.

Like TaylorMade’s other custom programs, the MyTP putter program gives you loads of options. TaylorMade claims there are thousands of possible combinations but I am thinking there should be a few more zeros on that number. Granted, some of those color combinations touch on garish but go ahead and pick whatever butters your muffin. Live your lurid life!


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Is There a Market for a MyTP Putter Program?

More and more golfers want equipment that not only performs at a premium level on course but speaks to who they are off it. The MyTP program gives them the chance to do just that. We’re bringing an extensive level of personalization to a traditional line of blade putters, delivering an ideal blend of the classic and the modern.

Bill Price, Senior Director of Product Creation, Putter and Wedge

TaylorMade believes many golfers would like to have a say in designing their putters. I agree. Sure, some people will balk at the MyTP putter’s $75 up-charge over the $250 retail TP model price. Others, myself included, will marvel at the ability to customize so many putter features for only $75 more. The bottom line is that for $325, you can design your own MyTP putter however you like. There are zero other companies out there right now that give you this many options at this price point.

Let’s forget about the pricing for a moment and take a look at what you are in control of with the MyTP putter program.

Custom Options: TaylorMade MyTP Putter program

  • Head Finish – Classic silver or jet black
  • Hosel – Juno: L neck and long neck. Soto: Flow neck and long neck
  • Custom Engraving – Create a custom message with characters (four) on both the toe and heel bumpers. Choose from 12 different paint fills
  • Sight Line – Five different sight line options include no line, single line in cavity, dot on topline, single line on topline and double line in cavity with 12 different paint fills
  • Face Insert – Nine different paint options for the Pure Roll™ insert with 45-degree grooves to encourage optimal forward roll
  • TP Cavity Badge – The TP insignia on the back of the putter blade can be personalized with 10 different color options
  • Cavity Screws – The weighted screws on the back of the putter blade can be personalized with eight different color options
  • Sole Weights – Choose from three different finishes: Stainless steel, gunmetal and copper
  • TaylorMade Weight Logo – Embossed within the sole weights, the subtle TaylorMade logo can be personalized with 12 different color options
  • Juno/Soto and TaylorMade Logos – The adjacent logos on the sole of the putter can be personalized with 12 different color options
  • Shaft Color – Classic chrome and black
  • Length: 32-37 inches
  • Grip: various SuperStroke, Golf Pride and Lamkin models

MyTP Putter Program: More Than Just Paint

What impresses me the most about the available options is the fact that they extend well beyond paint. Sure, there are still a staggering number of color combinations possible. However, look at all of the putter build elements you can select from. You have two different heads to pick from, each with two neck options. Each bumper can be engraved with up to four characters.  Five different alignment schemes are available, allowing you to choose what fits your aiming needs. Once you pick these physical elements, you can explore the paint-a-palooza odyssey of options.

My only criticism is that all of the necks are not available on all of the models. I’m sure there is a reason behind this and I probably just want a flow-neck Juno because I can’t have one. Thousands of options and I complain about the one I can’s have. Well played, Eeyore.

What Does Your MyTP Putter Look Like?

I bet some of you started reading this article, clicked the link to the MyTP putter page and have spent the last hour building putters. No problem. I’d do the same thing. Build interfaces such as this are captivating engines of possibilities and they beg the user to explore all of the possible permutations. If you are like me, you’ve designed your first MyTP putter, created ideas for a second and a third. There are just so many different paths to take. If the TaylorMade MyTP putter program was a Choose Your Own Adventure book, it would be thousands of pages long.

You may be wondering if the MyTP  putter you see on the computer screen will accurately reflect the putter that will arrive at your door. Never fret. I am going to give this a test run just like I did with their mySpider X putter designer. First, I need to settle on a design and that may take a spell but once I send in that design, I will be excited to see if the putter matches the pixels. Stay tuned!

Once you have had a chance to use the MyTP interface, let me know your thoughts about the using it and, more importantly, what did you build?

For more information, head over to TaylorMadeGolf.com