We Have A Winner!

There were a few really great entries. Kayvon, Lee Tucker, Rich, and NJ all deserve special recognition. I wish I had more to give away because you guys did a great job.

Sadly (for those guys listed up there), I only have 1 TaylorMade R1 Driver and it's going to... (drum roll please)....

DaddyCaddy for his R1-Themed Parody of the SNL Short "D*ck in a Box" (only at MyGolfSpy, right?).

Congrats DaddyCaddy...and enjoy your new TaylorMade R1.

Super-Duper "Limited Edition" Prize

One of the latest trends in the golf equipment game is manufacturers sending out specially packaged "Media Samples" to coincide with the launch of new products or the start of major tournaments on the PGA Tour.

Nike has done it with shoes and putters. Cobra did it with the Special Edition AMP Orange Driver, and most recently TaylorMade did it with the RocketBladez iron, adizero golf shoe, and the new R1 Driver. The practice is now so prevalent that just about anyone who is anyone gets the samples. Even guys like me occasionally find something really cool on the front porch.

From my perspective as a media guy  (I feel dirty saying that) not only is it almost always cool not just to get the gear, but  the clever packaging the golf companies come up with is almost always worth checking out. From the manufacturer's side of things, the special media packaging helps entice people like me to write about whatever it is that just showed up. Even if I just take a few pics and tweet them out it helps the OEMs build buzz for their new gear.

Anything that grabs attention is good, right?

How To Win - "You Be the Media!"

Why should we have all the fun?

We want you to experience part of what it's like to be part of golf media. This isn't a freebie, however; like all of us who toil away covering golf equipment, you're going to have to earn it.

As I've been told once or twice; if you want to be treated like media, you're going to have to act like media.

What the hell does that mean?

Honestly, I'm not sure...but for the purposes of hooking you up with your very own TaylorMade R1 Media Kit, it means that you're going to need to write about the latest premium driver offering from TaylorMade.

Entering the contest is simple:

1. If you haven't done so already, sign up to receive the MyGolfSpy Newsletter. You must be a current subscriber to win.

2. In the comments field write one, or two, or if you're really long-winded like me, three paragraphs describing one or more aspects of the TaylorMade R1 Driver.

Subscribe to the MyGolfSpy Newsletter (if you haven't already)

Be creative, be funny, be whatever or whoever you want to be...just don't go longer than 3 paragraphs. And because being good media is all about getting spread, we strongly encourage you to Tweet the contest and post it on Facebook.

Rules and Winner Selection

  • Must be a US Resident
  • Must be subscribed to the MyGolfSpy Newsletter
  • Limit 3 entries per person
  • Contest ends at 11:59 PM Eastern Time, February 8th, 2013
  • The author of the winning entry (as judged by the MyGolfSpy staff for creativity, humor, and general awesomeness) will win the Specially Packaged R1 Media kit (R1 head, *Aldila Phenom Shaft) *Shaft is available in winners choice of regular or stiff flex. No additional substitutions.

As always...void where prohibited.