Plenty of golfers aren’t looking to spend $50 on a dozen golf balls. And in a perfect world, they’d pay less and retain all the performance of the higher-priced options.

Maxfli isn’t trying to win any market share battles with the industry leaders. But what it can offer golfers for around $35 a dozen (currently two for $60) is a lot of value for a ball that consistently bests more expensive models in performance and manufacturing consistency tests.

And unlike many balls made overseas by reputable third-party manufactures (Foremost, Nassau), a good bit of technology contained within the new balls is unique to Maxfli. The core formulation is exclusive to Maxfli as is the new high flexural modulus mantle. The cast urethane cover is softer than last time around, too, but otherwise, it’s the same 318-dimple pattern as last time around.

All that said, we’d like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.


We’re looking for eight MyGolfSpy readers to test, review and keep two dozen Maxfli Tour/Tour X golf balls.

Head to the Maxfli Tour/Tour X testing thread in the forum to apply.

This testing opportunity is open golfers who live anywhere Maxfli products can be shipped.

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