When you’re getting ready to putt and look down at your putter, what do you see?

Do you see one line? A dot? Two lines? Three? Lines and dots?

And do any of these things help you align the putter square to your intended line?


If you’re what they call a “left-brain,” putting should be simple, shouldn’t it? Analyze angles, calculate break, determine speed and make the ball go where it’s supposed to go.

That’s all well and good, but the right-brain wants to throw its 2 cents in, as well. The right-brain gives us creativity and visual imagery – it helps us make sense of what we see.

But if right-brain can’t decipher what it sees, then left-brain can’t do the math, and that’s when the argument starts. With both sides fighting to be heard, is it any wonder we 3-jack from 6 feet?

The MLA Way

Swiss putter manufacturer MLA was a surprise 2nd overall finisher in MyGolfSpy’s 2015 Most Wanted Mallet Putter testing, and came in at #3 overall for all putters with an astounding 1.47 strokes gained. If you want to find the bottom of the hole more often, this one has to be on the short list.

MLA Tour Classic


MLA is a 4-year old company, and the name stands for Multiple Line-detector Activation, a technology developed by Swedish PhD Lennart Hogman. Dr. Hogman spent 20 years researching the connection between perception and motor skills, and has applied that knowledge to putting.

According to MLA, the human brain has over 100,000 line detectors, which help us determine what’s straight. MLA’s putters feature a patented alignment system that gets the left-brain and right-brain line detectors working together to help you get the ball rolling on the line you choose. As MLA says, “Trust Your Eyes.”

After that, it’s read it, roll it and hole it.

MLA Putter Alignment

Does This Stuff Really Work?

Can neuro-science make you a better putter? Can a Swiss-made flatstick help you sink more putts and yodel for joy? MLA believes the science behind its putters, and the patented Multi Line-Detector Activation alignment technology can help improve your aim and roll. And they’re willing to put it to the test and let you decide.

MLA and MyGolfSpy are looking for 5 avid and curious golfers from around the planet to try out one of MLA’s Tour Series or Pro Series putters and tell us what you think. Our testers will get to choose from 6 models, including MGS’s #3 overall putter from 2015, the Tour Classic.

How To Enter:

If you haven’t already, you must join the MyGolfSpy Community Forum.

Once you’ve registered, visit the Official MyGolfSpy MLA Putter thread.

In that thread, please tell us:

– Your first name & home state
– Your current putter
– Which MLA Tour Series or Pro Series Putter you’d like to test
– Your common miss: left, right or short

This is one cool opportunity for you to try out a putter with one of the most unique alignment systems in golf. Can the science behind MLA help you hole more putts? Here’s your chance to find out and let the rest of us know!

MLA Pro Mallet

All applications must be made in the MyGolfSpy Forumdon’t apply here, it won’t help you! We’ll take applications for the next 10 days or so, and will announce our testers in the Forum thread.

This program is open to golfers all over the world.

For more information:

Visit the MLA website
Follow MLS on Twitter
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