Comb through the USGA’s conforming list and you’ll find an abundance of club and technology names from Japanese brands that quite clearly got lost in translation. Stuff happens, right?

There’s arguably no better example than this Mizuno catalog from the Mid-80s.

While we can hazard a reasonable guess as to what the company was going for with a couple of these (Big Sneeze actually makes sense to me), in general, we’re left, perplexed, amused, and yet oddly satisfied by these…shall we say interesting product names.

So, in the interest of some Friday fun and a rare moment of levity on MyGolfSpy, let’s take a break to enjoy what I submit is the greatest golf club lineup ever created.

What Was Mizuno Going For?

As I said, I think I understand Big Sneeze and perhaps even Donkey Shovel. Crazy Shallot? Banana Kick? And last but certainly not least, Power Doughnut?

What do you think was the thinking behind these names?