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This is Not A Joke!

Yes, the official "Mustache Month - Movember" is over.  But forget about that, trust me your gonna want to start growing back your 'stache today. For you moustache rookies, patchy faces or wannabes out there here are some quick tips and a guide to get you baby faces started.  Why the urgency?  THE MUSTACHE OPEN!

What is "The Mustache Open"?  Probably one of the most unorthodox, unusual, yet wonderful and unique golfing experiences (other than the Playboy Golf Tournament) you will ever be a part of.   Like I said this isn't a joke...these tournaments will not only be televised (yeah tv crews - crowds - the whole thing) there will also be celebrities, big prizes and gifts for everyone that plays.

And from what we have been hearing this thing is growing some legs, quite a few BIG name companies are interested in getting behind these events for something even more special. And of course for the winner the proud honor of wearing the prestigous "Leisure Robe". The events will also be giving back to some great charitable causes.

About - The Mustache Open

The inaugural Mustache Open two man scramble took place in June of 1999. It was held in a small town outside Lincoln, Nebraska and consisted of 80 dudes sporting sweet staches.  Over the years, the Mustache Open has grown to be known as the best mustache golf tournament in the world.

The Mustache Open has not only been about playing golf but has also evolved into a tournament about style, charity and of course.......kick ass mustaches. Prizes are not only given to the top team playing in the tournament also those teams and individuals who best embody the spirit of The Mustache Open. The most coveted of prizes, The Mustache Open Leisure Robes, are given to the top two man team in the Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we crown the best of the best.

But it’s not just about the prizes, or even that proud flag of manliness emblazoned on your lip. The tournament is matching the power of your facial hair with local charities in need. So stand tall, Mr. Moustache. With every swing, you’re doing your part to make your community a much smoother place. Just like that patch on your face.

The Events

First rule: you have to have a mustache to play or a really good fake 😉  But other than that the events are open to anyone, but this thing fills up fast, so if you want to play get in today.  2 Winners from each event will be sent to Vegas for the finals.  Finals take place in Movember.

"The Mustache Open" is holding tournaments in the Scottsdale AZ, Lincoln NE, Orlando FL, and Los Angeles CA. This is your chance. Float like a butterfly, stache like Burt Reynolds. Register today to play in the world's greatest two man scramble ever.

Each mustachioed competitor has a chance to showcase their skills and their stache to qualify for a free trip to Las Vegas to play in the Tournament of Champions. The winning two man team will be crowned The Mustache Open Champions and be presented with the coveted Mustache Open Leisure Robes.

This is an opportunity unlike any other. It’s bragging rights to your friends. It’s a legacy you can pass along to your children’s children’s children. Win fame. Get the girl. Get the guy. Get the girl to get the guy to get you a sandwich. But first, get your mustache and swing in shape, because the competition is bound to get hairy.

VIDEO: Meet Clifton Waterbury III

ENTER TO WIN! - The Mustache Pants

"The Mustache Open" and LoudMouth Golf have worked together to come up with the Stache Pants. Watch the video above, and you will see the pants for yourself.  Their truly one-of-a-kind.  We have a pair on the way for GolfSpy Tim (they fit him well don't ya think?).  Those are his but we will also be giving away a pair of pants to one of you guys.  All you have to do is tell us which your favorite type of mustache is from the photo below

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- Step 2: Post this on Twitter for extra entry:  @TheMustacheOpen - "Golfing with a's just plain FUNNER!" {CLICK HERE} ....