Titleist TSi Driver – Key Takeaways

  • Two Titleist TSi drivers (TSi2 and TSi3) have hit the USGA Conforming List
  • The TSi3 features an updated track weighting system
  • Replacements for the TS1 and TS4 are not listed at this time

The surprisingly good TS2 and TS3 did plenty to shake Titleist’s reputation as a company that makes spinny drivers. With the new for 2020 TSi Drivers (TSi2 and TSi3), it seems reasonable that Titleist will look to build on that to further make the case that it belongs in the same conversation with Callaway and TaylorMade when golfers are deciding which clubs to take into the hitting bay.

The Tsi2 and Tsi3 are hitting the PGA and European Tours this week. The official story is that the Titleist TSi drivers are undergoing their final validation before average golfers will get a crack at them.

An image of the Titleist TSi2 and Titleist Ti3 Drivers

Hopefully, everything goes well. I’d hate for reality to ruin a good story, but final validation or not, the TSi drivers well past being done. There’s no doubt the factory is already hard at work cranking them out in the numbers necessary to be ready for launch day.

And speaking of, this isn’t going to be a PING situation where the driver hits tour now, but golfers will have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on it. There was certainly plenty of COVID-related should we go, or should we wait at Titleist, but ultimately the company appears to have decided to launch. I can’t give you an exact date, but I don’t think we’ll have to wait long for the TSi drivers to hit retail.

While there’s no guarantee there aren’t more to come, what’s on the USGA list suggests Titleist TSi drivers will launch with two models.

Titleist TSi2 Driver

An image of the Titleist TSi2 Driver from the USGA

The Titleist TSi2 will no doubt be positioned to fit the meatiest part of the market. The versatility comes from the design itself, not movable weights (though Titleist’s somewhat confusing SureFit adjustable hosel carries on).

As is its way, Titleist is withholding details for now, but the photos suggest that Titleist will follow the same pattern as everyone else. Some materials stuff here or there, I expect that we’re going to hear about additional weight being pushed to the rear of the club. That gets you higher MOI (more forgiveness) and with it, a bit higher launch.

That seems a given when you consider that Titleist TSi driver lofts are half a degree stronger than their TS counterparts. The suggestion is that Titleist expects more dynamic loft from the TSi drivers and so they’ve adjusted static loft accordingly to deliver the desired trajectory.

Titleist TSi3 Driver

An image of the Titleist TSi3 Driver from the USGA

The TSi3 is the more intriguing of the new models if for no other reason than it’s the Titleist TSi driver that features movable weights.

Two things stand out with the TSi3 implementation of movable weight. The first is that Titleist’s flappable SureFit CG system has been replaced by five position, perimeter weighting system anchored to the rear of the club.

At first glance, there’s nothing to suggests a radical departure from what Callaway (Epic series) and PING (G410/G425). That said, it’s worth paying attention to what appears to be a significant chunk of mass that anchors the system in place.

Swing weight adjustment will be part of the story, but my hunch is we’re going to see a sizable jump in MOI over the TS3 as well.

On traditional alone, we should expect the TSi3 driver to produce lower spin than the TSi2. The scale of the USGA’s images makes it impossible to be sure, but I’d wager the TSi2 will be more elongated, while the TSi3 will have a more compact profile – though I’d still expect both will be at or near 460cc.

Titleist TSi1 and TSi4 Drivers?

For now, Titleist is missing two models. There’s nothing from Titleist or the USGA that suggests a TSi1 and/or a TSi4 are in the short-term plans. That doesn’t necessarily mean one or both isn’t happening. With the TS series, the niche-favoring TS1 and TS4 launched well after the TS2 and TS3.

It seems likely that Titleist TSi Drivers would follow a similar cadence. A TSi1 or TSi4 could come later.

That said, as much as I’d love to see a TSi4, I wouldn’t be even a little shocked if Titleist pulled the plug on it. Tour play is minimal, and the retail market is likely smaller still. The TSi1 strikes me as the more likely of the two.

Titleist TSi Drivers – Pricing and Availability

As mentioned, not much has been said officially about the Titleist TSi Drivers, nor has a launch date been provided. I’d expect that to change by October, if not sooner. No word on retail price either, but if I were a betting man, I’d say put me down for $500.

If that’s a little too rich for your blood, all four of the Titleist TS models have been discounted by $150. You could spend more and do worse.

As always, more information as it becomes available.