Earlier this week we published our list of the Top 10 Golf Gadgets for Less than $50. This time around, we’re giving you our…well, actually, just like last time, this is YOUR list of gadgets over $50.

If it is over $50 is it  really a gadget? – Jim N., MyGolfSpy Newsletter Subscriber

Yes, Jim. We think so.

More accurately, this is a list of the Top Gadgets between $50 and $100, so don’t expect to find any fancy rangefinders, or kick-ass round tracking gizmos like Game Golf here. What you will find is a list of gadgets which, while not cheap, won’t completely break the bank.

Just like our under $50 list, all of the items on this list were suggested by your fellow MyGolfSpy readers.

Orange Whip Trainer


Below $50, above $50, it doesn’t matter. No single item on either gadget list received more support than the Orange Whip Trainer. Already recognized at the #1 Training Aid by PGA.com, the Orange Whip is an immense favorite with our readership. Regular use of the Orange Whip will improve flexibility, strength, coordination, and tempo. While this list is generally in no particular order, the Orange Whip is #1. Don’t take our word for it, trust your fellow readers.

Tour Striker


Martin Chuck’s Smart Ball made our under $50 list, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more there isn’t a swing trainer we like better than the Tour Striker. Available in a variety of sizes, the Tour Striker teaches, nay, forces you to create forward lean at impact. As far as training aids that you can actually hit balls with go, it doesn’t get any better.

Golf Buddy Voice GPS


For all the app-based GPS technology that’s our there right now, some golfers just like to keep it simple. At the push of a button Golf Buddy Voice will literally tell you the distance to the center of the green. It can also provide distance to the front and back of the green as well. It’s not the most feature-rich GPS on the market, but for less than a hundred bucks you simply can’t beat it.

Golfer’s Toolbox


The Golfer’s Toolbox is billed as the Swiss Army Knife of Golf.  Alignment, ball position, stance, swing plane, putting plane, balance, fitness, stretching, and tempo; the Golfer’s Toolbox can help you with all of it. I’m not sure what’s more remarkable, the sub-$100 price point, or that fact that it fits in your golf bag.

SKLZ Quickster Range Net


There are a hundred…probably a thousand swing nets out there, but our pick, actually, your pick, is the SKLZ Quickster Range Net. The 6’x6′ model takes less than 90 seconds to assemble, and unlike competing nets won’t droop or sag. It offers multiple targets and is suitable for other sports as well. Lacrosse anyone? Didn’t think so.

CS2 Putting System


There are plenty of putting trainers out there, but the CS2 is the one that our readers mentioned most often. Like most putting trainers, the CS2 Putting System is supposed to help you build a consistent putting stroke. Alignment, path, face angle, and speed control are all covered by the CS2. What we really like is that its innovative rail system works perfectly with both straight back straight through and inside to square arc putting techniques.

Golf Swing Shirt


Likely the strangest looking contraption (I laughed the first time I saw it) on this list, the Swing Shirt is designed to help you stay connected through the golf swing. While it’s easy to mock…that’ is to say you’ll probably be mocked while wearing it, the Swing Shirt will help you grove a consistent swing on the range and on the course (not sure I’d condone wearing it on the course). Not just for full swings either, Swing Shirt will improve your short game (including bunker play) and putting too.

Birdie Ball Putting Green


A putting mat absolutely had to be on the list, and while there are about 500 to choose from, there aren’t a ton of quality products to be had within this price range. The Birdie Ball Putting Mat is the exception. Thick enough for a ball to actually fall in the cup, and contour adjustable, Birdie Ball Putting greens start at just $49.99, and with their current summer special, the 9’x2′ model qualifies for our list as well.

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker System


While not technically designed for golf, several of you told us that your portable bluetooth speakers are practically indispensable on the golf course. For less than $100 the Jawbone Jambox is small enough to sit on the dash of your golf cart, and I’m certain you innovative types will no doubt find a way to attach it to a push cart as well. For another $30 you can get a PUMA Soundchuck which has an innovative magnetic strap system which allows it to attach to just about anything.


In case you haven’t been paying attention, our Top 10 list only has 9 gadgets right now. What’s #10? You tell us.

Leave a comment below telling us what you think we missed. When we have a consensus, we’ll add the most popular item to our list.