Even though golf is booming, welcoming new players to the game should be a priority. Here’s a friendly reminder: Some of these new golfers may not know (or even care) that their choice of golf shoe can impact performance.

Here at MyGolfSpy, our goal is to help golfers make the best buying decisions. That’s why we have such a rigorous testing regimen and why our mantra is #TruthDigest. It’s why we pour our heart and sole (get it?) into testing golf shoes to bring your our Best Golf Shoes of 2022 lists.

But all that has nothing to do with this article!

As I always say: Golf is about having fun and what makes the game fun is up to you. Does performing well make the game fun for you? I’d suggest checking out our Best Spikeless and Best Spiked golf shoes for 2022. But if all you need to have fun on the course is a sweet-looking pair of shoes, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s OK to buy a shoe because of hype, because it matches your favorite shirt or reminds you of shoes from your childhood. That’s what my weekly StockX picks are all about.

Enough rambling. Here are my top five golf shoes from StockX this week:

NIKE Air Max 270 Golf Shoes

Nike Air Max 270G

The NIKE Air Max 270 will never be a top performer, and you won’t find it with the coveted MGS Most Wanted badge next to its name, but the shoe itself just looks so darned good. The NIKE Air Max 270 was originally intended to be a casual shoe, a “runner” as some call it, but NIKE gave it a small makeover to make it serviceable as a golf shoe.

We should be cautious not to put too much stock into what’s being worn by the professionals but PGA TOUR bomber Cameron Champ has been wearing this shoe for the last season or two. Does that make it OK to choose a shoe for reasons other than performance? You tell me. For my money, I’d absolutely wear this pair regardless of how they perform. The huge Air Max unit in the heel and sleek design have me feeling some type of way.


NIKE SB Dunk Low Golf Shoes

Nike Dunk Golf

If you ask any shoe enthusiast what the most popular shoe is right now, most would probably mention the NIKE Dunk. This model was introduced in 1985 alongside the OG Air Jordan 1 and was billed as a college basketball shoe up until the 2000s when it became one of NIKE’s most popular skateboarding shoes.

Fast forward to the present day. The NIKE Dunk is extremely sought-after for casual wear and it looks like that same hype surrounds the golf-specific pair. I particularly love the nod to tradition with the wingtip-style leather upper. The NIKE Dunk Low Golf shown here is from 2006, making it even more rare. With NIKE’s recent affinity for turning their popular casual shoes into golf shoes, I really hope they bring the Dunk Golf shoe back into the retail lineup!


NIKE Roshe Golf Tour

Nike Roshe Tour

This one is a little loud but stick with me. The “Safari Print” design has been a NIKE staple for a long time and it looks really good on the NIKE Roshe Golf Tour.

The Roshe Golf Tour is still the shoe of choice for Viktor Hovland and Tommy Fleetwood, despite it being nearly five years old. Like a trusted fairway wood, if it works there’s no need to upgrade, right?

Imagine rolling up to the first tee in a pair of these bad boys. What a power move! Although you’d better have the game to back it up if you plan on making a bold fashion statement like this.


Under Armour Spieth One Golf

Under Armour Spieth One

One of the things I love about StockX is the platform’s expansive stock of older shoes. We’re almost six years removed from the launch of Jordan Spieth’s first signature shoe with Under Armour and you can still pick up a pair right now on StockX!

Maybe you’re a Spieth fan or just want to see what the technology was like way back in 2017. No matter the reason, it’s fun to look at the Under Armour Spieth One and see how far it has come. Maybe we should look at doing a full-on Spieth lineup comparison, 1-5! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see something like that.


adidas CODECHAOS “Summer of Golf”

adidas Codechaos Summer of Golf

Finally, a pair that performs as good as it looks. The adidas CODECHAOS has been a welcome addition to adidas’s golf shoe line and this special “Summer of Golf” colorway adds some hype to the mix.

The inspiration for this color was drawn from the 1967 “Summer of Love” phenomenon that took place in San Francisco. This 2020 release was meant to symbolize a rallying cry for the game and the solace that some found in golf during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a story like that and the performance to back it up, you really can’t go wrong with this pick!


Two Must-Have Accessories Straight from StockX

StockX started out as an online shoe marketplace but has expanded into all sorts of goods, including golf accessories. That’s good news for those of us who like finding those hidden gems, rare pieces and anything that will make us stand out on the course. Sound like something you’re interested in? Here are two limited golf accessories I found on StockX this week!

StockX Golf Accessories

NIKE Golf Tiger Woods Heritage 86 Cap

You can never have too many golf hats and this one is too good to pass up. The Tiger fist-pump logo is amazing and the leather strap makes it look and feel premium. Unlike most items on StockX, this hat is surprisingly affordable, too. Act fast, deals like this won’t last long!


Palace Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Who knew you could buy Pro V1’s from StockX? OK, this is a little misleading. Most of the golf balls available on StockX are limited-edition three-packs, meaning this is probably not something you’re buying for your next round. But for those of you who like to collect or display golf balls, the Palace x Titleist Pro V1 is a great option!


Are You Buying Into the Hype?

I’m not here to help you find the best performing golf shoe. My job is to introduce you to the other side of golf—dare I say the cool side?

StockX is full of super-rare and ultra-hyped golf shoes that are just waiting to be bought. Did any of my picks catch your eye? Drop me a line if you would consider buying any of the shoes (or accessories) listed above!

You wouldn’t believe the other 10,000 limited-run golf shoes we found.




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