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What's Under The TourStage Hood

You might remember about a month ago we wrote a post about TourStage having a ton of new prototype drivers tested by the USGA. We only showed 4 but there were even more after that round. We knew they had something going on and today we found out what.

TourStage has launched (4) New Drivers for a 2009 release. All but one look very similar but under the hood they all pack a little bit different motor:

  • TourStage X-Drive 901 - Lower Ball Flight / Open Face
  • TourStage X-Drive 701 - Low to Mid Ball Flight / Face Square
  • TourStage X-Drive 701G - Mid Ball Flight / Face Square
  • TourStage X-Drive GR - Mid to Hig Ball Flight / Face Closed

tourstage xdrive 901
TourStage X-Drive 901

tourstage xdrive 701
TourStage X-Drive 701
tourstage xdrive 701g
TourStage X-Drive 701G

tourstage xdrive gr
TourStage X-Drive GR

First Impression

I have always thought that TourStage made a very appealing looking driver...but there is so much competition in the driver category now. does TourStage's new drivers differentiate itself from the competition? It really doesn't.

Why 4 Instead of Just 1?

One of the main reason adjustable weight technology was ever introduced in the first place would get rid of the major hiccup with this new lineup of drivers. Why make 4 drivers...when you can make one. What I mean is...the only thing that is changing in these (4) heads from TourStage is the CG and weight placement...well and also the face angle. But all that can be fixed with one head nowadays. With Moveable Weight Technology (MWT) you can achieve all this and with the new adjustable shafts that will be coming out you can change the face angle as well. So...once again why make (4) drivers?

Like I said before I have always been a big fan of the feel and craftsmanship on a TourStage Driver but if my game changes my equipment cant change with me if I buy a TourStage. And in 2009 almost every company other then TourStage WILL allow me no matter how great they are it would be a tough buy for me and I am sure most other golfers as well.

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