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A dress shirt and tie on the golf course?  Is this for real?

I first learned about the Vesti Ascendi brand about a year ago.  At that time, it wasn’t so much a brand but rather, one man’s vision.  Before you get your microfiber knickers in a bunch and dismiss the notion of a shirt and tie on the golf course, let me tell you the story of the guy that brought this project to light.

First off, I am not going to hide this like a ratty t-shirt under a standard, everyday polo; Ryan Heiman, the founder behind Vesti Ascendi is a very good friend of mine. In fact, we met right here, on the internet, in a golf equipment forum.  We were just two guys who happened to be living in the same community and looking for a game.

I am not shy about sharing that with beverage cart girls either…we met on the internet…not that there’s anything wrong with it.


Heiman, who is also the face behind igolfreviews.com, which provides equipment and apparel reviews for most of the major manufactures and brands, grew tired of the same ol-same ol, shirt after shirt.  Does a golf shirt really need to be just a golf shirt?

“We miss the old-school gentleman’s look and want to be able to go from office to course and back without changing.” –Ryan Heiman

That’s really only half of the story.

Heiman doesn’t pay his bills as a golf journalist.  He is a Lutheran Pastor by trade.  In case you’re not a religious guy, or are unfamiliar with the clergy profession, they work a lot.  Even on Sunday.  Early hours, odd hours, after hours, and other people’s final hours; these guys have a special calling.  For them, the weekend is what can suddenly appear without notice at 2:00 PM on a Tuesday.  Time to squeeze in 18 after visiting an elderly shut-in? Sometimes that’s all the time guys like Ryan have.


Since phone booths no longer exist, it’s difficult to do the whole Clark Kent thing into head-to-toe in Ashworth.  So Heiman took the another boring golf shirt, and golf straight from work problem and set out on a mission to solve it.

In the Summer of 2013, Vesti Ascendi was born.  Vesti Ascendi is latin, for “Dress Up”, and that’s exactly what Ryan Heiman did.

From here on out, I am going to just call him, Ryan.  Because, well, that’s what I call him.

The Vesti Ascendi Difference

Ryan’s vision for his brand was a combination of the classic traditions of yesterday’s game with the functional design for the modern game. To combine old with new, he started by sourcing a factory in Peru where his shirts would be constructed from the finest Peruvian cotton.  He also added a splash of spandex in the shirt to give it just the right amount of stretch during the golf swing.

Inside the collar, and also inside the cuffs, he added color-contrasting Pima Cotton for comfort and feel.  You won’t find an annoying tags or loud logos on this shirt either.  Like my breakfast eggs, the back of the shirt is also yoke-less, for less restriction during the golf swing.


Apart from the the fact that Vesti Ascendi is the only dress shirt and tie designed with golf in mind, two other key design elements separate Vesti Ascendi from the average shirt and tie combo.

1.  The tie isn’t going to get in the way of the swing or while putting.

2.  You can easily turn this into a warmer weather short sleeve shirt in seconds.

Ryan designed a patent pending tie rail system that fastens the tie so it stays close to the shirt and out of the way of your golf swing.  An elastic style strip slides into the specially designed Vesti Ascendi ties. With added rear loops, the tie is fastened into the button row.  Like magic, the tie stays close to the shirt without the need to pop a sweater on over the top.

Ryan Moore might wear a tie, but never like this.

Turing this into a short sleeve shirt is as easy as rolling up the sleeves, but to simply things even further, Ryan designed a color contrast, cuff retention strap to hold lock the rolled sleeves in place.

Besides looking like no other golf shirt, Ryan’s design functions like no other dress shirt.  Friend or no friend, the Vesti Ascendi shirt just looks cool.


“We went with the highest quality Peruvian cotton/spandex blend we could find.  It is a poplin style fabric which is great for dress shirts, and has enough stretch for golf.  It does require ironing but most high quality dress shirts do.  We added the touches of Pima cotton to have the softest material where it matters.  We wanted comfort, quality and style’in our materials and went right to the source.” –Ryan

Hey Handsome, it’s a dress shirt, and it’s hot out here.

BeautifulinVAYeah, I know.  So does Ryan.  You’re probably not going to wear this shirt in sweetheart of summer where temperatures are high and temperaments are short.  I know that. Ryan know’s that. And our armpits know it too.

Nobody is trying to fool anyone here, you probably can’t wear this every round.  But in the spring, fall, and somewhere in between, it’s a classy look that virtually no one else is wearing on the golf course…at least for now.

Again, this is not intended to be a shirt review, but a presentation of a man and a brand, but, I’m speaking the truth when I say that Ryan’s shirt really is one of the most comfortable, and best fitting dress shirts you’ll ever wear.  Ryan did a really nice job with the design and construction of this shirt.

“Yes, VA is not for high heat/high humidity.  Long sleeves are great for fall golf and rolled up sleeves for mid summer temps.  Over 85° our current shirt and tie won’t work.  We have an alternative in the works.” –Ryan

Ryan has no plans on quitting his day job.  Should his dream turn into a successful business, he’s still not quitting.  He’s decided to form a company that helps him merge his business and pleasure.


Bringing an idea to life is no easy task, but Ryan has nothing to loose.  He’s created a line of apparel that he is happy with, and now he continues to go about his day.  That’s just the kind of guy he is; one of the nicest I’ve met. His is a business and dream you’d like to see succeed; if only because of the guy running it.  It doesn’t hurt that the product truly is quality.

Vesti Ascendi currently offers a driver-style hat as well as a plaid baseball hat both with the FlexFit system.  Ryan has also partnered with Jacob Hill Leather Goods for two custom belt offerings as well.  Vesti Ascendi currently offers three shirts, white, gray and light blue with coordinating ties for $150.

During the initial launch, Vesti Ascendi is featured on Crowd Supply offering a one-time promotional pricing:

“We have hopes to expand into the women’s golf apparel market with skirts and shirts that are more fashion focused.  We also have more men’s apparel plans for pants, suit coats and sweaters all for golfing.  We even have a youth line in the future plans.” –Ryan

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