Contrasting or perhaps complementing its Spider Collection, every couple of seasons TaylorMade introduce a new putter line designed with classic appeal, relatively traditional head shapes, and the latest iteration of its grooved Pure Role insert. This year the new line is called the TP Patina Collection – a reference to the new finish that coats each of the new putters

How do the Patina putters differ from what came before them?

As you’d expect in the putter space, there are subtle changes, but nothing that qualifies as radically different. The most noticeable update is a new Patina finish; a combination of black nickel and copper that gives the putters a pre-tarnished look. It remains to be seen if the finish will deepen with age, or if it’s just meant to look tarnished from the get-go. It’s attractive though not original.

Another upgrade is a new, thicker Pure Roll TP aluminum insert. Designed to produce a softer feel and better sound, the grooved insert has been a proven performer for TaylorMade putters dating back to the original AGSI. With the new models, TaylorMade has replaced the industrial-strength double-sided tape used to bind the face to the putter with a pair of screws driven through the back of the head. TaylorMade says the result is a more consistent face as there is less chance of air bubbles and imperfections. That certainly makes sense.

The lineup itself features three blade putters and four mallets, and each offers tunable weighting. 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20-gram weights are available separately.


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TP PATINA Collection Blades


The Soto is a heavy toe hang, heel-shafted Anser 2 head shape.


The Juno is a plumbers neck Anser 2.


The DelMonte is TaylorMade’s answer to a wide Anser blade. It’s a nearly face-balanced mini mallet.

TP PATINA Collection Mallets

TaylorMade’s Ardmore models have been particularly strong performers in Most Wanted testing. The TP Patina Collection offers 3 Ardmore shapes.

Ardmore 1

The Ardmore  1 is a full mallet with sightlines a ball’s width apart from one another.

Ardmore 2

The Ardmore 2 is TaylorMade’s take on the full flanged Odyssey #7 shape.

Ardmore 3

The Ardmore 3 offers the same shape as the 2 with a small curve hosel that TaylorMade says provides a traditional look at address.


The new shape in the collection is the DuPage. Unlike anything currently offered by mainstream manufacturers, it looks the part of a throwback to Bobby Grace’s MacGregor designs from the early 2000s – all angles and missing chunks. It’s not beautiful in any conventional sense, but in its defense, it looks easy to line up.

We understand it can be difficult to reinvent the wheel when it comes to putters, especially when the collection is intended to be more timeless than modern. There is nothing awe-inspiring about the TP Patina Collection, and that’s just fine. Unlike the Spider line, TaylorMade isn’t pushing any boundaries, and that’s the point. We all have shapes and lines we prefer in our putters and the new collection, as it should, offers many of the standards.

While TaylorMade typically doesn’t challenge Scotty or Odyssey at retail, past performance suggests that this a line you should probably give a closer look – especially if you find the Patina finish appealing.

TaylorMade TP Patina Putters feature KBS CT Tour Putter Shafts, and Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 Grips Retail price is $249.99.

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